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Since you people all suck at being good people (made painfully apparent because you read ignorant rants about inconsequential and borderline retarded content written by my worthless, self-absorbed ass) and are probably so shallow and angry at everyone around you, for sucking so damn bad in comparison to yourself, that you rarely take time to think about the people who are way more bad ass than you are. Like those who fight for their lives and the lives of others every day at cancer hospitals like St. Jude. It’s rare that I speak of anything of importance to you miserable fucking lowlifes but I figured, “Hey, lowlifes like hats and even shitbirds like my friends and readers probably hate cancer as much as Kenny Powers.” A friend of mine has set up a website that sells hats and benefits Pancreatic Cancer Research (PCR). accepts donations for PCR and donates a hefty 20% of all proceeds to the cause. If that wasn’t enough for you black-hearted, cheap ass to buy a hat then check out the about us section of his page: was inspired by the passing of a great man.  My dad, Larry Turner, lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on December 24, 2007.  He was only 49 years old.  This company is designed to raise money for the treatment and early detection of pancreatic cancer as well as provide free hats for cancer treatment patients.  Our mission is to raise as much money possible and schedule an acoustic concert for a different in-patient cancer facility every 8 months. 100 percent of all donations and 20 percent of all proceeds will be donated to these organizations.  Every five hats sold will generate one free hat for a hero battling cancer.   We hope you enjoy our products and service.  Thank you for your business and support.

So get over to Hero Hats today and check out the selection. If you see a hat you like buy it. If you don’t throw a bit of coin their way anyway because you know you were just going to waste it on hookers, booze, and crystal meth you dirt bags.