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Don’t sleep on Jake Shields (26-4-1). You can bet your ass GSP (21-2) is not. He is up at Tristar right now working his dick off (Do robot aliens have dicks?). Shields has 4 titles to his credit and his resume is littered with former and current champions that have fallen to him.

Jake-Shields pierre006

Quick rundown of some of Jake Shields’ marquee wins on his resume.

  • UD over Japanese legend “Mach” Sakurai (35-12-2) in ’02
  • MD over UFC’s current “#1 MW Contender” Yushin Okami (26-5) in ’06
  • UD over Carlos Condit (26-5) same night as the Okami fight.
  • Subbed Mike Pyle (20-7-1) in ’07
  • Subbed Paul Daley (26-9-2) in ’08
  • Subbed Robbie Lawler (18-7[1]) in ’09
  • UD over current Dream MW champ Jason Miller (24-7[1]) in ’09
  • UD over former PRIDE MW (205lb) Champ and current SF LHW #1 contender Dan Henderson (26-8) last year.

Not that GSP’s  record needs pointing out but here are a few of his.

  • UD over Karo Parisyan (19-6[1]) in ’04
  • UD over Jason Miller (24-7[1]) in ’05
  • Subbed Frank Trigg (20-8) in ’05
  • TKOd Sean Sherk in (36-4-1) ’05
  • SD over BJ Penn (16-7-1) in ’06T
  • KOd Matt Hughes (45-8) in ’06 [avenging his first loss]
  • UD over Josh Koscheck (15-5) in ’07
  • Subbed Matt Hughes in ’07 for interim UFC WW belt [closing the trilogy]
  • TKOd then UFC WW Champ Matt Serra (11-7) in ’08 [avenging only other loss]

Since the Serra fight, when he regained the title, GSP has successfully defended it 5 times against Jon Fitch, BJ Penn, Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy, and Josh Koscheck with 4 of those 5 wins coming via UD. I mention this because between Shields and St. Pierre I expect to see either one of the most boring staring contests ever or one of the most (relatively) exciting chess matches ever and it  going to judges’ decision. I don’t see anyone out-pointing GSP but don’t sleep on Shields.

If Georges does indeed go on to defeat Shields, he is supposedly set to make a permanent move to the Middleweight division where a “super fight” between himself and current MW Champ and fellow P4P constant Anderson Silva. GSP has many times stated that if he makes the move up in weight class it will be permanent and only when he feels there is nothing left for him at Welterweight.  Having already defeated all of the top competition (BJ Penn, John Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Dan Hardy, etc.) in the division at least once and many of them multiple times, beating Shields seems like the last thing to do before setting sail for the new world. Shields plans to wipe his ass with GSP and D-Dubya’s plans and force St. Pierre to hang out at Welterweight just a bit longer. Current #1 contender Yushin Okami, the last man to “defeat” Anderson Silva, is likely rooting very hard for Shields to pull off the upset as a GSP win would most certainly wreck his title shot. So in a fight with title implications in two divisions, directly affecting no less than 6 fighters’ future fight plans, there is certainly a lot on the line. Jake Shields just might shake the world with a win but Vegas, the MMA community, and history all say that the Canadian Alien will do his regular thing  and pull off another win over a quality opponent. I’m sure Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, Jon Fitch,  and many many fans are rooting for a GSP victory. I’m also certain that Jake Shields’ friends in the “Scrap Pack” and the 209 and a few upset loving fans are probably the only people, aside from Yushin Okami and Jake himself, rooting for the Belt Collector to add more hardware to his trophy case.


If you’ve been following this season of TUF then you have no doubt seen Jonathan Brookins shine. He is an experienced fighter and my pick to win the contract at the end of the season. With the WEC folding into the UFC, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brookins drop down for another run at Jose Aldo. Aldo dominated Brookins at WEC 63 a few years ago, but as you see here the take down he set to set up Josh Koscheck’s #2 and 3 picks even worked on Aldo, and I don’t see any of these guys stopping it.

(props to NHB USA of the forums for the find)

Watch the whole fight here if you wish to see the excellence that is Jose Aldo.

Frank Mir,

All my friends and family seem to worry about my state mentally.

, did a recent interview with MMA Fix in Vegas, in which he talks some more trash about Brock Lesnar. He then says that the “death threats” he made toward Brock were purely PR to help hype the potential fight against Brock in a attempt to keep from being leap frogged due to injury by Cain Velasquez. He relates Brock to Moby Dick, “He’s big, he’s white, he is a dick.” While communicating how he would love to fight Fedor, crediting him with best HW of all time, but is falling by the waste side by not fighting in the UFC:

If I told you that, right now, Brock Lesnar was on the south side of town signing on autographs and Fedor was on the north side, trust me there would be no traffic jams on the north side of town.

The interviewer quickly responded with this gem:

What if I told you there was an Octagon on the north side of town that Brock Lesnar was in and the south side of town Fedor was down there, and both of them wanted to fight. Which one would YOU drive to?

You can see Frank’s response as well as the entire interview here:

Watch Frank Mir Focused On Carwin For UFC 111 But Lesnar Is His Moby Dick on

I’m Black…uh er back!

Posted: October 23, 2009 in america, cars, Top Ten Lists, TV, women

Well peoples, I am back after a long hiatus. Today I have a new, multi-faceted and overdue post for you all. Enjoy the American Manliness, my friends.

I’m going to touch base on several of my post categories:

Fuck Yeah! Next…

Well there is the upcoming $400,000 Lexus LFA…that’s right a fucking near half million dollar Lexus! Although it has a 4.8 liter V10 with a 9000 rpm redline and 552hp still seems a little pricey for a whored up Toyota. see MotorTrend for more info and Nurburgring video.

Sticking with Toyota for today, I suggest, you also check out the Toyota F-86 (Celica) concept car…It’ll be the “best car in the world” for drifting according to the press release.

Quick 5 lovely TV ladies, wanna help me put them in order from hottest to least hot?:
Katrina Bowden (30 Rock)

Sarah Chalke (Scrubs/How I Met Your Mother)

Jenna Fischer (The Office)

Hayden Panettiere (Heroes)

Stana Katic (Castle)

check this out:

This is Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog from Joss Whedon, the writer of Firefly/Serenity (also wrote Dollhouse, Angle, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Titan A.E., and Toy Story) teamed up again with Nathan Fillion (of Firefly/Serenity, Castle, Buffy, Saving Private Ryan, Slither, and the Waitress). Starring Neil Patrick Harris (no credits needed) as a aspiring super villain.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. If you are not a fan of dorky, subtle, dry, internet humor, and need to see someone get whacked in the nuts or a little kid cursing (granted both are hilarious) to laugh then don’t bother.

let me know what you guys think.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog

That was by far one of the most fitting endings to a series I’ve seen. The Sopranos ending was lackluster to say the least, for those who have seen it. If you haven’t watched The Sopranos I would still strongly suggest watching the complete series overall it is one of the best series ever. The Wire seemed drawn out at times during the last season but was also a very good series, which I feel ended well. Again, I strongly urge anyone who loved the gritty realism of The Shield to watch The Wire. By no means go in expecting The Shield but go in expecting to get hooked.

The Shield, however, was amazing from S01E01 to the very last scene was gripping and suspenseful. I love it. Favorite show of all time! I can only hope that Sons of Anarchy continues to follow that same style of love the bad guy. Only FX can make you cheer for the someone who is on the wrong side. They can make you love the characters no matter what heinous acts they engage. From Rescue Me to Nip/Tuck, Sons of Anarchy, and The Shield that quality is shared. Vic Mackey, Tommy Gavin, McNamara & Troy, and Jackson Teller all have that charisma of evil, yet lovable leading men!

The Shield was gritty from the camera work to the content. It was as real at network television would permit. Entertaining and suspenseful to no end. The show had great acting and directing throughout even with many cast changes from Forrest Whitaker to Glen Close everyone did an outstanding job. The show survived the writer’s strike and came out a shining example of American television drama. Anything less than Emmy after Emmy would be a farce!

I think The Shield has raised the bar for drama. TNT’s new slogan should be “we just learned drama”. Simply put two thumbs WAY up.

I strongly urge anyone who hasn’t watched this series to give it a go. If you aren’t hooked like it was crack mixed with heroin and sex by the end of Season 1 then by all means blast my taste in entertaiment all over the internets!

The plot:

The story of an inner-city Los Angeles police precinct where some of the cops aren’t above breaking the rules or working against their associates to both keep the streets safe and their self-interests intact. {} From