My name is Serda. I am the eldest of 3 children. I was born in the year of our lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty-five. I was born in the vast wastelands of a dying world. I was tasked, by God herself, with one goal…to stop the pussification of men. I formed an alliance with men who shared my vision of an America where men were manly again. We formed the Coalition to Stop the Pussification of the American Male (CSPAM). Throughout my life I have slain countless number of the dragon that is a woman’s self-esteem. Without this dark fuel of inner fire women become powerless against men, and we can regain the lead in the power struggle. This tremendous game of tug-o-war that takes place on the most epic of battlefields must be won at all cost by the males. We are the guardians of women’s virtue, safety, and honor but we are not to be slaves to their control. Their only means of control over a man is with sex. By sleeping with all of their friends and family we can prove that we do not bow to their sex as we can to fill our cup at another fountain, if need be. We take away the power of sex and we will once again control our homes, then our cities, then our nation!

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