Some people party a little different than others. When I attend mixed gatherings things tend to be frat party like or overtly trite. When you throw in different groups of people in one setting people tend to group together and clique up.  The Latinos hang out with the Latinos, the Blacks with the Blacks, and the Whites with the Whites. No one forces them to do it, it just happens. If not by race then you will have the popular kids, rich kids, jocks, hippies, and non-affiliated people splitting up cliquing together in corners of the party. Even in this situation race still seems to determine, partially, the group’s make-up. The jocks tend to be more Black than anything else. The hippies are almost EXCLUSIVELY white. The rich kids are almost all white and few are actually rich. Popular kids is really an overview of all the groups except the non-affiliated, or the floaters. Some of the floaters may be popular but no one really calls them their best friend except other floaters, as they hang out with everyone and don’t really spend too much time with any one group. I think more than anything people just like to hang out with people they have things in common with and people they know and trust.

There are times, however, when that line of thinking can backfire in quite amusing ways…

Like waking in strange places…

…or not being awake for an awesome photoshoot (starts at 2:02 but the whole thing is pretty sweet if you were part of it)…

…getting body slammed onto the “couch” and having shoulder problems for life “I’m like THIS close to whoopin’ somebody’s ass!”…

…you may end up being the guy at the bar that other people pont and laugh at for dancing like a moron…

…or you dance with a box on your head…

…maybe you end up trying some dumb shit you saw on a TV show…

…and of course when you pass out around white people shit like this happens…






…there is a lesson here to be learned but considering all these videos and pictures span from 2007 to present I apparently haven’t learned it.


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