Brookins most likely to win TUF title?

Posted: November 11, 2010 in america, manliness, MMA, sports, TV
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If you’ve been following this season of TUF then you have no doubt seen Jonathan Brookins shine. He is an experienced fighter and my pick to win the contract at the end of the season. With the WEC folding into the UFC, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brookins drop down for another run at Jose Aldo. Aldo dominated Brookins at WEC 63 a few years ago, but as you see here the take down he set to set up Josh Koscheck’s #2 and 3 picks even worked on Aldo, and I don’t see any of these guys stopping it.

(props to NHB USA of the forums for the find)

Watch the whole fight here if you wish to see the excellence that is Jose Aldo.


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