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Posted: October 20, 2010 in life, manliness, MMA, sports
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Up and coming Local (Memphis, TN Metro Area) MMA fighter David ” Mauler” Martin, holding an 8-4-0 amateur record is turning pro. He will be debuting against Jamie Houston on a Strikeforce Challengers card in Jackson, MS November 19th. I recently sat down with David to get a little insight in the hometown Middleweight gladiator.

Justin Serda: David, thanks for agreeing to do this. Hopefully we can shine some light on both David Martin and “The Mississippi Mauler” for MMA fans.

David Martin:Thank you, its my pleasure.

JS: So, David, how and when did you get started in MMA?

DM: I found a home at Bang! Gym in early 2008 and began training. I was always the guy who was meant to be a fighter, and I truly feel it’s my purpose and destiny. I just needed the tools to be successful.

JS: What kind of impact has the sport had on your life, rather it be for the better or otherwise?

DM: It has been a truly beneficial and life altering journey thus far. The dedication and discipline it requires to be successful in this sport, has turned me into a better person in all aspects of my life.

JS: How have your friends and family reacted to your decision to pursue this profession?

DM: I have a great group of friends and fans that support me, and it is so greatly appreciated. The women in my family are having a little tougher time getting used to me punching people for a living, but their coming along. My father has to be the toughest on me. He is highly supportive, and a huge fan of the sport. He reserves the right to critique me in every aspect of my game. However, I can’t express how important it is to have that person that loves you, and will give it to you straight every time.

JS: I am quite proud, as I’m sure your friends and family are, to see you, a hometown fighter, take the step into the pro ranks. With your pro debut being on a Strikeforce Challengers card and just a few hours from home is there any extra pressure for you to go out and perform well and bring home a “W” in your debut?

DM: Absolutely. This is a huge opportunity and I want to take full advantage of it. However, I try not to put too much pressure on myself as far as the win or loss goes. Its just a fight, and I have been in plenty. I know that if I prepare and train like a professional, that will be the end result of my performance in the cage on the 19th.

JS: As you prepare for the transition from amateur to pro next month in Jackson, what are you doing differently training wise?

DM: My emphasis right now is on my cardio training. The main change will obviously be the extra two minutes per round. So to prepare my team is pushing me hard, so if the fight goes the distance I will be ready. I want to know I have the gas to go all the way. I’m also continuing to expand my ground and striking.

JS: I know you lost your previous fight due to submission (triangle choke) late in the 4th round. Do you feel your ground game needs to be the focus going into your pro debut?

DM: I do. I am currently working a lot of defense and tightening up the skills I already have. Being as my debut is only four weeks away, I’m not attempting to learn a great deal of new material. I’m currently a blue belt under RCJ Machado, and will be looking to advance in rank as I progress in the near future. It will certainly be a focal point in my training as I am fairly confident in my stand up game.

JS: How completely excited are you to be debuting in one of the larger promotions in the US?

DM: Words cannot describe the feeling. For me, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime and a dream come true.

JS: One last thing. Good luck, brother. We’ll all be cheering for you!

DM: Thank you so much!!

I am looking forward to seeing David in action next month. I wish him a successful transition to the pro ranks and will be personally cheering him on as his career moves forward.


  1. Matt Haley says:

    Good interview Serda, and good luck David

  2. Tammy Fisher says:

    You’ll do great Dave! Great interview. It’s good practice for the future!

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