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Posted: September 25, 2010 in manliness
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UFC 119 is here.

Beltran over Mitrione
Dollaway overDoerkson
Guillard over Stephens
Dunham over Sherk
Serra over Lyttle
Bader over lil ‘Nog
Mir over Cro Cop

Guillard vs Stephens
Round 1:

Guillard dropped early after charging to the center of the ring. Seems to have been body position that led to the knockdown not the power, as he recovers quickly. Several heavy exchanges throughout the round. Stephens is throwing everything into his punches and missing more often than not.
Round 1 for Stephens 10-9

Round 2:
More exchanges at the center of the ring. A second groin kick pauses the action midway through the round. Both fighters are loading up on the punches. Big groin shot again this time not in Melvin’s favor. Guillard taking his time. Both throwing kicks looking to slow down the other but no pone seems to be slowing as the round closes.
Round 2 Stephens 10-9

Round 3:
More heavy punches catching wind but guillard still working the leg kicks. Guillard rocked late in the round and thre fight goes to the judges.

Stephens 30 Guillard 27 on my card

Official decision: Guillard wins by split decision.

Evan Dunham vs Sean Sherk
Round 1:
Sherk takes senter of the octagon and dunham starfts looking for the range. Sherk shoots and slams, but falls deep into a guillotine at 3:40 but slides out and begins work from dunhams half guard. They return to their feet only for sherk to score another slam this time with his chin protected. Dunham wrestles to his feet again. Reverses sherks takedown attempt and gets his back, but sherk reverses and cuts dunham bad from his guard and the ref stops the fight to check the cut. Doctor allows the fight to continue and we move onto the 2nd.

Sherk 10-9

Round 2
Sherk gives up his neck again but narrowly escapes a guillotine. Sherk works the cage and his wrestling but leaves his neck in danger and gives up the choke too easily, but survives. Big exchange against the cage. Big knee from dunham at the end of very close round.
Dunham 10 – 9

Round 3
Dunham rocks Sherk early but the subsequent swarm doesn’t end the fight and sherk presses him against the cage and scores another takedown. Dunham back to his feet but loses a lot of time working to get off the fence midway through the round. Now dunham owns the position and delivers quick strikes to sherk before sean can retake position and eventually move back to center ring. Dunham landing more frequently and more decisively turning sherks head and rocking him yet again. Dunham now in control in the final 30.

Dunham 29 28 decision on my card

Official decision: Sherk by split decision.

Matt Serra vs Chris Lytle
Round 1:
Both men come out firing both barrels. Serra is throwing quick combinations and landing knees as well. After catching a few blows from Lytle, Serra continues to predd forward. Very active round for both fighters. Lytle is winning the striking game but Serra doesn’t shoot.

10-9 Lytle

Round 2:
More effective striking from lytle. Midway through Serra gets rocked, but still doesn’t shoot to the ground. Still pushing forward and throwing with Lytle, Serra eats more combinations from the longer fighter. Big shots serra is in trouble! He’s wobbled and using the cage as a crutch but recovers and fires back surviving the round!

10 -9 Lytle

Round 3:
Serra rocked again early in round and fails to score the single leg. Lytle still dominating the fight. 2 min remaining and serra needs a finish. 1 minute and serra looks gassed. Lytle looking to walk away with the round and the fight. 10 seconds…Serra unable to find the finish.

30 – 27 unanimous decision for Lytle
Official decision: Lytle by UD

Ryan Bader vs Rogerio Noguiera
Round 1:
the fighters are feeling each other out and throwing quick in and out combos. Take down from bader and vicious ground and poiund at the 3 minute mark. Bader in lil Nog’s guard and throwing short punches and elbows unable to posture up in Nog’s closed guard. Nog het back to his feet at the 1 minute mark. Bader throws heavy but misses misses a takedown. Nog rocks bader late with a hard 1,2 and bader scores a quick takedown. Close round.
Bader 10-9

Round 2:
Very uneventful opening minute. Both fighters have felt the others power. Halfway point of the fight, bader scores a takedown. Doesn’t do much damage before Nog gets back to his feet. Final minute bader throws nog to the canvas and lands a shot as he comes up. Bader clearly the stronger fighter and lands an uppercut. Nog defends with low kicks. Another tight round but again I give the edge to Bader.
Bader 10-9

Round 3:
Nog takes the center of the octagon as they paw one another looking to counter. Bader lands a few quick shots but catches a finpger to the eye lunging in for a hook. Fight resumes. Final 4 minutes of the fight. Good exchange for nog. Nog stops the takedown twice. 3:30. Bader starting to mouth breath but scored the takedown. Lil Nog quuickly gets back to his feet. 2:45. Clean shots from nog. Nog has to feel he needs a dwcisive round or finish to get his hand raised. 1:30. Clean exchange from bader. Nog lands a big shot and only gets a smile and a takedown from bader for his efforts, :15. Bader throwing from the guard and closes out the fight in dominant position. Rounds are close could go to nog, but I have it scored

30-27 Bader
Official decision: UD for Ryan Bader

Frank Mir vs Mirko Filipovic
Round 1:
Ding ding. Touch gloves at the center. Mir fired and misses. Cro cop throughs a combo but the shots are all blocked by mir. Leg kick followed by a charging combo and a failed takedown attempt drom mir leads to cro cop being pressed against the cage. Big knee from mir. Knee to the junk from cro cop. Mir is lying down trying to walk it off…
Back to action, 3:00. Cro cop trying to utilize the reach but mir lands a big body kick and put cro cop back against the cage. Big elbow from mir. Trading knees on the cage again, :45. Herb dean brings them to the center of the ring. Mir presses forward. nice left hand from mir in the closing seconds.
10-9 Mir. (Cro Cop seems dazed)

Round 2:
Mir trading with cro cop but neither lands anything significant. Back to the cage at the 3:30 mark. Herb dean seperates them and recenters the bout. 2:30. Joe rogan, “this fight has the odd feel of a sparring match.” Boos from the crowd and Mir still just pressing cro cop against the fence. Dean continues to call for work. Recentered at the 1:00 mark. Mirko buzzes the tower with the LHK but narrowly misses. Stagnate round for mir.
10-9 Mir.

Round 3:
They both seem to be feeling each other out still in the 3rd. Clinch and short jab and backs out. Mir clinches again at 3:45 goes for the trip but mirko steps over. 3:00. Mirko fires a few short punches. Cro cop lands a left too the chin and wakes mir up. Mir clinches and drives mirko back to the cage. Knees from the clinch land clean for mirko, but herb dean is forced to seperate again at 1:50. 1:10 still very little action. Clinch attempt from mirko and mir counters with a right knee that drops cro cop and he is out before mir lands the bomb to the jaw.

Official decision: Frank Mir by KO

See you guys next time. Did this from my phone at fox and hound, next time I’m bringing a laptop.


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