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Posted: April 16, 2010 in america, cars, life, manliness, Top Ten Lists
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A friend of mine noticed my obvious Ford bias in my writing in the American Classics list. Although I tried not to be biased when I made up the list and narrowed it down to just 10 cars, I was clearly more excited and wrote from the heart when referencing the fords (note the long-winded description of the ’64 1/2). I also recall a similar poll from season 14 of Top Gear. Here is my version:

(also located on myFacebook and on the host site, PollDaddy)

  1. 65 Chevelle says:

    Scrolling through your classic cars I’ve gotta say that I wouldn’t mind anyone of them sitting in my garage. but my particular favorite has to be the 65 Chevelle Malibu. There’s just something about it’s shape and sounds that rattles my bones. The fact that there’s less than 70 of these babies hammering the streets makes it even sexier for me. Go the Chevy!

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