Frank Mir talks Shane Carwin @ UFC 111, Brock Lesnar, mental stability, and Fedor…

Posted: March 16, 2010 in america, manliness, MMA, sports, TV
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Frank Mir,

All my friends and family seem to worry about my state mentally.

, did a recent interview with MMA Fix in Vegas, in which he talks some more trash about Brock Lesnar. He then says that the “death threats” he made toward Brock were purely PR to help hype the potential fight against Brock in a attempt to keep from being leap frogged due to injury by Cain Velasquez. He relates Brock to Moby Dick, “He’s big, he’s white, he is a dick.” While communicating how he would love to fight Fedor, crediting him with best HW of all time, but is falling by the waste side by not fighting in the UFC:

If I told you that, right now, Brock Lesnar was on the south side of town signing on autographs and Fedor was on the north side, trust me there would be no traffic jams on the north side of town.

The interviewer quickly responded with this gem:

What if I told you there was an Octagon on the north side of town that Brock Lesnar was in and the south side of town Fedor was down there, and both of them wanted to fight. Which one would YOU drive to?

You can see Frank’s response as well as the entire interview here:

Watch Frank Mir Focused On Carwin For UFC 111 But Lesnar Is His Moby Dick on


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