The PH scale of Tattoos in MMA (group exercise)

Posted: February 18, 2010 in life, manliness, MMA, sports, Top Ten Lists
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MMA fans must have noticed the trend of tatted up fighters. I challenge you to name 5 big name fighters with ZERO tats. Then for extra credit I would like you to name 5 of the tatted up combatants that don’t sport their name anywhere on their bodies.. I don’t have any tattoos to speak of, but I can spot a shat tat just as easily as the next guy. I want to see more as awesome as this guy:

That is an awesome tattoo, sir! I have noticed a rise in tats on fighters over the last few years but never payed much attention to what the tats actually were of. I prefer to focus on the fight itself. Unfortunately with the growing media coverage and expansion of the sport more and more print ads and web ads are showcasing fighters and in turn their tattooed bodies. When the Frank Trigg vs Matt Serra fight was announced and Serra began working his guinea charm, pointing out and I quote…

“Look, when my career is over and done with, I’m the one who can look back and say that I was the champ,” Serra said. “He got there twice and choked both times — literally. [ed. note Trigg was finished by Matt Hughes twice by rear naked chokes] I refuse to lose to a guy that has a [expletive] tramp stamp. You’ve seen his back, right? C’mon. No way am I losing to a guy that walks around with that.”

…This made me think to myself, “Man, (i refer to myself as ‘man’ cause i’m so bad ass) most of these guys have huge douchebaggish tats all over themselves. So I decided you guys need to help me compile a list likened to the PH scale:

I’ve modified it for usage here:

I’ll give you a few examples of piss poor tattoos on fighters, first:

NOTE: yes that is a Nazi eagle on his chest and a tattoo around his belly button that says “I HAVE A SMALL PENIS” in all caps…

Matter of a fact fuck it…doesn’t HAVE to be a fighter i just want to see some truly shitty and/or awesome tattoos, but preferable on fighters.

Well let’s get this bitch’s panties off shall we…


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