The Power 100 is released for 2010 and this year its ALL athletes!!!  No more suits on the list…just the real stars! No surprise here though that, regardless how many broads he bedded in the last few years that WEREN’T his wife, the folks over at BusinessWeek still love Tiger Woods as he tops the list of the most powerful, influential athletes the world over. Below is a quick rundown of who made the list, most of which you should know immediately (if you don’t you’re a dipshit) along with their reported earnings for ’09 and sport.

Yous should know everyone in the top 15 or 20, but they get a little less commonplace in the lower ranks for most people…

  1. Tiger Woods* $103mil, Golf
  2. LeBron James* $44mil,  Basketball
  3. Phil Mickelson $52mil, Golf
  4. Albert Pujols* $18mil, Baseball
  5. Peyton Manning  $27mil, American Football
  6. Dwayne Wade* $28mil, Basketball
  7. Michael Phelps $6mil, Swimming
  8. Adrian Peterson* $9.5mil, American Football
  9. Shaquille O’Neal $35mil, Basketball
  10. Lance Armstong* (earnings unavailable), Cycling
  11. Raphael Nadal* $ 31.5mil, Tennis
  12. Kobe Bryant* $33mil, Basketball
  13. Larry Fitzgerald* $11mil (Seriously, #13?), American Football
  14. Ryan Howard $16.5mil, Baseball
  15. Brett Farve $19mil, American Football
  16. Serena Williams* $11.5mil, Tennis
  17. Roger Federer* $32.8mil, Tennis
  18. Eli Manning $27.5mil, American Football
  19. Joe Mauer $13.5mil, Baseball
  20. Tim Duncan $25.7mil, Basketball
  21. Jimmie Johnson** $15.3mil, Auto Racing
  22. Kevin Garnett $26.4mil, Basketball
  23. Chris Johnson $4.5mil, American Football
  24. Randy Moss $7mil, American Football
  25. Drew Breese $17.5mil, American Football
  26. Kurt Warner $19.8mil, American Football
  27. Usain Bolt (earnings unavailable), Track & Field
  28. Jeff Gordon** $21.5mil, Auto Racing
  29. Dirk Nowitzki $26.3mil, Basketball
  30. Tom Brady $18mil, American Football
  31. Kevin Durant* $11.8mil, Basketball
  32. CC Sabathia $15.5mil, Baseball
  33. Derek Jeter* $30mil, Baseball
  34. Prince Fielder $9mil, Baseball
  35. David Beckham $23mil, Football
  36. Dwight Howard $27.1mil, Basketball
  37. Alexander Ovechkin $12mil, Hockey (or according to BusinessWeek “Sport: NBA/Washington Capitals—F”)
  38. Andre Johnson $8mil, American Football
  39. Sidney Crosby $13mil, Hockey
  40. Hines Ward $6.3mil, American Football (How can you not love this guy?)
  41. Mark Martin** $7.3mil, Auto Racing
  42. Venus Williams $8mil, Tennis
  43. Donovan McNabb $22.5mil, American Football
  44. Chris Paul* $14.5mil, Basketball
  45. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.** $26mil, Auto Racing
  46. Mark Teixeira $20.8mil, Baseball
  47. LaDanian Tomlinson* $9.2mil, American Football
  48. Tony Stewart $16.8mil, Auto Racing
  49. Chase Utley $11.8mil, Baseball
  50. Jim Furyk $15mil, Golf
  51. Shaun White (earnings unavailable), Snowboarding & Skateboarding
  52. David Wright $8.25mil,  Baseball
  53. Ilya Kovalchuk $8mil, Hockey
  54. Ben Roethlisberger* $10.3mil, American Football
  55. Steve Nash* $18.1mil, Basketball
  56. Lorena  Ochoa $1.7mil, Golf
  57. Evan Longoria $625k, Baseball
  58. Deron Williams* 14.3mil, Basketball
  59. Paul Pierce* $21.3mil, Basketball
  60. Carmello Anthony* $23.8mil, Basketball
  61. Alex  Rodriguez* $39mil, Baseball
  62. Johan Santana $20.9mil, Baseball
  63. Tim Lincecum $700k, Baseball
  64. Apolo Anto Ohno (earnings unavailable), Skater
  65. Stewart Cink* $4.6mil, Golfer
  66. Ray Allen* $20.5mil, Basketball
  67. Carl Edwards $10.6mil, Auto Racing
  68. Yao Ming $34.4mil, Basketball
  69. Troy Polamalu* $8.3mil, American Football
  70. Kyle Busch $10.2mil, Auto Racing
  71. Landon Donovan* $1.9mil, Football
  72. Manny Pacquiao* $39mil, Boxing
  73. Padraig Harrington $7.6mil, Golf
  74. Vince Carter* $21.3mil, Basketball
  75. Tony Romo $3.6mil, American Football
  76. Dustin Pedroia $2.5mil, Baseball
  77. Ichiro Suzuki $18.5mil, Baseball
  78. Ray Lewis $12mil, American Football
  79. Andy Roddick $12.3mil, Tennis
  80. Maria SAharapova $23.9mil, Tennis
  81. Sergio Garcia $23.2mil, Golf
  82. Fedor Emelianenko (earning unavailable), MMA (How can you not love THIS guy?)
  83. Derrick Rose $6.1mil, Basketball
  84. Vijay Singh $9.3mil, Golf
  85. Steven Jackson* $12mil, American Football
  86. Andy Murray $8.9mil, Tennis
  87. Allen Iverson $8mil, Basketball
  88. Danica Patrick $10.8mil, Auto Racing
  89. Brandon Roy* $4mil, Basketball
  90. Manny Ramirez $26.8mil, Baseball
  91. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. $30.3mil, Boxing
  92. Candace Parker $5mil, Basketball
  93. Shane Mosley $2.6mil, Boxing
  94. Diana Taurasi $1mil, Basketball
  95. Misty May-Treanor $650k, Volleyball
  96. Brock Lesnar (earnings unavailable), MMA
  97. Patrick Kane $1mil, Hockey
  98. Chad Ochocinco $5.75mil, American Football
  99. Matt Ryan* $8.4mil, American Football
  100. Ryan Sheckler (earnings unavailable), Skateboarding

Now if you’re wondering why some of these athletes have an asterisk (*) by their names, it’s because they are all sponsored by the same company, Nike. There are a total of 28 people, 6 in the top 10, on the list with major Nike contracts. If you’re math is so horrible you can’t figure it out on your own, it’s 28% of the 100 most influential athletes. the double asterisk (**) was marked because all 4 of those drivers race for the same team, Hendrick Motorsports.

How in the hell Larry Fitzgerald made it to number 13 is unknown to me, but there are a lot of people I don’t agree with on this list. The top 10 is pretty sound, and there is an obvious biased toward American athletes and sports, made painfully obvious by the fact there are only two footballers on the list (Donovan and Beckham). There should be more of them in my opinion..I’m guessing they left Theirry Henry off the list cause he’s french, and I’m fine with that. I am, however, curious why they left off Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (Ronaldhino to most), Wayne Rooney, etc. from the list. Also where are the people from motorsports outside the US, like Formula 1, e.g. Kimi Raikkonen, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Jensen Button, Sebastian Vettel, Filipe Masa,  Fernando Alonso, etc.?

  1. billybob says:

    there is no soccer players, because no one gives a shit about them.

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