Dana wants you to know Brock’s health is a miracle

Posted: January 21, 2010 in manliness, MMA, sports
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If you follow MMA to any degree you know that the UFC Heavyweight Champion and reigning prince asshole, Brock Lesnar, has been sidlined since Ocotober. This morning ESPN got an exclusive interview with Brock and Dana White, UFC President and reigning king asshole. They announced Brock is back at 100% health and is prepared to be able to defend his title this Summer against the winner of the Carin v Mir interim title match set for March 27th at UFC 111 or “worst case scenario” the winner of the Big Nog v Velasquez march next month.

This ESPN Sportscenter exclusive interview says a lot. Namely that the UFC and subsequently MMA as a whole is becoming more and more mainstream and widely accepted in the US. The fact that Dana White and the UFC undoubtedly asked for this interview and wanted it to be part of  the normal broadcast shows their continued efforts to bring this sport to the forefront and making the Pay Per Views and Fight Nights as much a part of household conversation as Football and the such. Another thing it says is that Brock Lesnar is SMALL AS FU*K right now. Sitting next to Dana in this interview Brock looks the same size as the president.

Brock also takes a jab at Canadian “healthcare” in the interview.

Um I had a 104 temperature and I felt like I was shot in the guts. And so I went to the hospital in Canada, realized quickly that I had to get out of Canadian healthcare and get down to Bismark to the United States.

Dana also repeats several times, interrupting the next question, “it’s a miracle”.

view the full 7 minute interview below:


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