Run-down on the recent activities of Sir SERDAFIED

Posted: March 6, 2009 in life, sports, the internets
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I haven’t poseted a blog since the pre-Super Bowl “We Want Six!” post.  Time to rectify that, and by rectify I mean get it up the ass!!!

well as everyone knows by now, we did indeed get six!!!

Just as I stated, history repeats itself baby! GO STEELERS!!!

That was on Feburary 1st. This is March 6th. A lot has happened between then and now:

  • Tigers have crept up into the Top 3 in the nation.
  • Got drunk several times WITHOUT peeing onto or off of anything in the house.
  • Overdrafted 579 bucks in the bank (EPIC FAIL).
  • Finally got out of my sexual slump after the Super Bowl.
  • Oh yeah and this happened ….

That, my friends, is a separated shoulder compliments of  drunk banana Ronnie. He said he was aiming for the couch but couldn’t see through the banana head draped over his face.

Also I got to fuck a chick with an awesome body whilst wearing said banana suit … sorry anthony how couls any sane man turn down such a request?!?!?!

I’ll try to get back in the habit of rocking the blog soon enjoy a few recents from my youtube channel:

After a night of drinking 99 Bananas, copious amounts of beer during beer pong and other drinking games and funneling several of them this next video was captured:

And this is what I sound like drunk as fuck and trying to be as mean as possible to a drunk white girl …

see ya ’round kids. And remeber … DON’T DO DRUGS!!!!

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