Back in this bitch for some end of the year shit.

My team, the Steelers, locked up a 1st round bye in the play-offs last weekend and have a chance to keep home field advantage a possibility IF they are able to knock off a wounded but stout Tennessee team on Sunday in LP field.  I am a fan of both teams, being from Memphis, but I’ve been Steelers fan since I was knee high to a duck. If we are able to beat the Titans at home Sunday we will be able to lock up home field advantage with a win against Celeveland in wk 17 or if the Titans lose to the Colts in wk 17.  Home field advantage isn’t the be all end all in the NFL but a number 1 seed is nice to have. Either way it goes there is a good chance that this weekend’s match-up between the Steelers and Titans could easily end up being a preview game for the AFC championship game in January. Nothing is for certain as the AFC play-offs will be a tough road for whoever makes it through. With teams like the Colts and Ravens and such.

In other news:

  • I got my Wisdom teeth removed Thursday morning and therefore can’t drink any booze 😦
  • I had a totally sweet day yesterday all things considered.
  • Tripped balls from the anaesthetics and was running around like a zombie at the grocery. “uggghhh, ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST!”
  • The Dodge EV should be on track to hit stores. Hopefully with a smaller price tag than originally thought.
  • The new Porsche  Sedan is STILL ugly!
  • I have a huge cock.
  • Black Dynamite released some holiday greetings for you jive mother fuckas! Link here
  • Also, I am still Manly as fuck!
  • I made the “Super Bowl” my rookie year as a Fantasy football coach. YAY!!
  • Did I mention the huge cock thing?

Now, a little motivation.

Felling bad about your life?

Not everything makes sense, but you can enjoy most stuff if you just don’t give a fuck!


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