Will someone please shut Diddy’s mouth for him?

Posted: December 9, 2008 in life, movies, music
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PLEASE!!!! Will someone shut this rambling cunt up? He does nothing but make himself look a fool. Fist he was bitching about there not being any positive black role models (as if he tried to be a role model rapping about murder and drugs and bitches). This lead to him complaining about there not being any black superheroes (he never read Spawn I take it). Then, of course, he claimed sole responsibility for Obama’s election. No way in hell Obama’s charisma, youth, the word “CHANGE”,  and the eagerness of Americans for a change in regime had anything to do with that, huh Diddy? Now this Sean “Diddy” (or in the UK, P.Diddy) Combs says not only MUST the next 007 be a black man, but he wants to portrait him. He made a short film as a promotion for his new cologne where he played a spy-type character. “It was inspired by James Bond, on some black Bond-type tip,” said Dookie, uh I mean Diddy. Cause everyone wants to see James Bond speak with such eloquence, by the way does anyone else who’s ever heard Mr. Combs speak publically realize that he stutters more than Forrest Gump? Yay a ghetto assed James Bond with a speech impediment, can’t wait Diddy!

“I know in [MI6] they have some black agents,” Diddy said at New York’s London Hotel, where he was promoting his I Am King men’s fragrance. “I know there’s some black people that can save the world. White people aren’t the only people that can save the world. My variation, I would come from the New York agency. I would actually be working with James Bond. And he would get kidnapped, and I would have to come get him and save the day. It’s a natural thing. It’s organic. I think it would be a tragedy for the next James Bond not to be black, and I think the next Superman should be black. We are like the coolest creatures on the face of the Earth.” MTV.com article

Jesus Bible Raping Christ, does this man ever shut his fucking mouth about being black? I have nothing against equality in the world. I think  that a black man in this country has every right to have EVERY right and EVERY opportunity that a white man or a brown man has in this country. Luckily for me that gives me double rights cause iIm a white man AND a brown man 🙂 . I have nothing against a Mexican-American, African-American, Indian-American, or a whereeverthefuckyou’refrom-American being a doctor, a lawyer, a Judge, a Senator, a Governor, a President……if their qualified. However, I do have a problem with turning James Bond into a black man from Brooklyn! Thats stupid! He’s a white British man from….Britain. That’s how the book and character were written. You don’t see Will Smith petitioning to be the next Superman, which Diddy also believes should be black next time. He instead got himself cast in a new I.P. in Hancock, which is more or less “Black Superman” only difference is that Hancock was considerably more relateable to most people, myself included, and fits better in the modern world. Well that and the fact Will Smith is a much better actor, especially when it comes to being a bad assed mother fucker, than that emo-faggoty-cock sucker Christopher Reeves (R.I.P.) lok-a-like , Brandon Routh, that played white Superman in that shitty superhero version of The Crying Game! I digress. Back on point, now.

P. Diddy fancies himself a crusader for equal rights and the black movement. Thing is, he’s not much more than a hinderance. He is rich, made his own money selling music, clothes, cologne, and such. Congrats. What part of this makes you qualified to play a leading role in a MAJOR motion picture franchise? That’s like casting Paris Hilton as Wonder Woman if The Justice League ever comes to fruition (please, Lord, say it doesn’t) wait…scratch that…Wonder Woman was a no talent, annoying whore just like Paris so it fits. Its more like casting J. Lo as Andromeda if they made a Marvel Universe movie…wait …no scratch that too…J. Lo can act and is a bad bitch so that role kinda makes sense. OK it’s like casting SEXMAN as, I don’t know…uh, Captain America! Yeah, that’s it, that’s how horrible that movie would be! Bond isn’t black, gay, a woman, etc. therefore can’t be portrayed as black, gay, a woman, etc. without destroying the franchise and being a flop of Waterworld proportions.

Oh yeah and Diddy’s MTV interview, BTW MTV is the Devil and I hate it too!!!!! Now I hate MTV more cause their advertising prowess prevents me from being able to nija the video onto my wordpress but I put it in the bulletin for this blog on the Myspace bulletin board

  1. Tom Stanley says:

    I was on Yahoo and found your blog. Read a few of your other posts. Good work. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tom Stanley

  2. Kevin says:

    Yea, I’ve been tired of Diddy for years now. It just seems like he depends on more on gimmicks to promote his brand. Jay-Z and 50 don’t have to do all the crazy publicty stunts to stay in the public eye.

    Oh yea, please help my friends and I settle our disagreements once and for all at:


    I’d really appreciate it.

  3. mcmeador says:

    Well he doesn’t really say that he wants to play James Bond…just that he wants to be a black agent who rescues him. But then he goes on to say that the next James Bond should be black, too, which is ridiculous. Maybe now more people will understand how I felt when Kingpin was portrayed by a black guy in Daredevil (crappy movie anyway). And then there was the Ultimate line of Marvel comics that turned Nick Fury into a black guy and made Colossus gay.

    It would be pretty cool if Sarah Palin made a video insisting that the next James Bond should be set in Alaska and she should play the part of Jane Bond to make P. Diddy cry like the whiny douche that he is.

  4. serdafied says:

    or if Hot Rod did that Karate move on him where it makes you shit your pants! Yeah do that to him in public!! doody blog doody blog ha ha

  5. Anthony Yow says:

    That was a Tai Chi move, asshole.

  6. Grosjean says:

    Ok, you know I usually try to defend Diddy no matter how crazy his statements get, but I can do this no more. A black James Bond, NO FUCK THAT!!! This motherfucker needs to just go back and enjoy his money. This fucker is racist!!!

  7. Anthony Yow says:

    I said “move” not movie. I was referring to the move that makes people defecate on themselves.

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