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Posted: November 26, 2008 in america, cars
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With the SEMA show in Vegas and the LA Auto show wrapped up, a tsunami of information on the future of driving is rolling in. Hybrids and all-electrics are the talk of the auto-world, but lets not forget what we all really want to see and read about….the beautiful lines of European sports cars, the agility of the lightweight performance cars, the retina bleeding speed of the world’s ultra performance SUPERCARS! Let us not overlook the internal combustion engine’s natural resource chugging, O-zone depleting, spleen rupturing, ear drum bursting POWER AND TORQUE!!!!

With increase in fuel prices matching, step for step, the steep climbs in performance numbers the last few years, and the subsequent rapid infusion of hybrid and electric technology in vehicle lineups the world over in mind, I’ll start with some industry buzz about hybrids and electrics. The hopes and dreams of Chrysler are being thrown in the ENVI basket. This basket has an electric-hybrid Jeep EV that is projected to get approx. 400 miles on about 8 gallons of fuel,the Chrysler EV (a mini-van) doing the same, and a new, Lotus Evora based, 2-seater roadster called the  Dodge EV. Dodge’s new green sports car is boasting an all-electric powertrain, 0 emissions, and tout Lotus-esque handling. All this and still getting 60 mph from a dead stop in under 5 seconds, climbing over the 120 mph mark, and shooting through the 1/4 in less the 13 seconds.

Here are the 3 aforementioned vehicles:

Of course, there are still the run-of-the-mill hybrids out there like your Civic Hybrids and Fusion Hybrids and the new Yukon Hybrid SUV, but these aren’t really offering anything new.  Yes there are other all-electric sports cars like the Lightning GT and the Tesla Roadster both, though, are British built and therefore are extremely expensive to get into the States. The base price tags on these cars are both over $100k, with the Lightning GT costing upwards of $300k.

Worth a few lines is the fact that Porsche tuner company extraordinaire, Ruf, has released info on the new E-Ruf Model-A Concept. The car should excite, I know this picture makes the crotch region of my pants seem to tighten.

This E-Ruf (as I’m sure you’ve guessed, the E stands for electric) is built on the current 997, and is fully electric. Europe will clearly be seen as the leader in performance green cars with entries like these 3, but little do they who only see the badge on the hood know, this Ruf’s 200hp 479 lb-ft power plant was designed and built right here in the US. The 200 lbs. electric motor power plant was created by Calmotors in Camarillo, CA. While this car doesn’t have the numbers the other 3 (Dodge EV included) project for their cars, this one is real and has been driven by Car and Driver.

Now on to the earth scorching, polar ice cap melting, internal-combustion engines.

Staying with Mr. Alois Ruf’s Porsche tuner company, I’d like to share with you what I like to call Sublte Violence.

The Ruf GT3R is NOT, I repeat NOT, another super 911 or a glorified Carrera GT. This car is built on its own tubular frame with it’s own 3000 lb. carbon fiber (well mostly) body. It may look like a 911 from the nose but look again. This baby will Rocket you from the comfortable, supportive, stationary position in your carbon fiber seat at the starting line to 62 mph in under 3.2 seconds and continue up to a top speed of 233 mph if you can find the road. With 17.4 psi pumping through the 3.7 litre flat 6 it cranks out 700bhp @ 7000rpm and 657 lb-ft of torque @ 4000rpm. All this for under $615k.

No since in leaving Germany (well Ruf is based in Austria but whatever) just yet. Porshe’s attempt to join the fray with Merc, BMW, Cadillac, and Audi and build a large high-performance sports sedan has come to fruition. Not exactly beautiful, yet surprisingly sexy [like a MILF with a great face and sweet chesticles] it seems to borrow a few qualities from a certain Italian manufacturer on the nose. Unfortunately the similarities with Ferrari and MILF’s stops there as the rear looks ghastly to say the least. The Panamera has been caught on the ‘ring by some Inside Line (video here) spies. With 3 different engine options it is priced from $127k upwards and getting REALLY pricey with the Carrera GT V-10 power plant installed.

Chevy has released some renderings of a Sting Ray concept. The C3R Stingray will, of course, be powered by a 427. That tried and true Chevy workhorse, however, will be supplied by crate engine company Katech. Katech is claiming the motor will have 750hp and 700lb-ft of torque. I’ll keep an eye out for more info on that.

I’d like to turn this into a weekly staple on my blog, but knowing me I’ll lose focus in about 2 weeks like I did with motivation mundane 😦

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