Drunk person calling tech support!

Posted: September 30, 2008 in comedy, life
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Actual ticket documentation from a call into the IT dept from a drunk guest.

source not to be named\, but thank u sir you know who you are! LOL

Guest was trying to login to computer

Guest is very incoherent and not exlaining himself

He is speaking english fine, but not really forming full sentences, very hard to understand

At this point I only know that he is trying to login to something

I asked if he’s trying to get on the internet but only get a grumbled response in reply, I have no idea what he actually said

He’s mentioned the word Thinkpad and Windows XP but not in any kind of substantial context with anything else recognizable

He is just going back and forth with me now, really not accomplishing anything

He now mentions that he is trying CRTL-ALT-DELETE but I have no idea why or what for

After a few seconds of silence he says he is working now and then says goodbye

He has put the phone down but has not hung it up

I’m trying for several seconds to get him to hang up but to no avail

I finally just manually released the call


AMAZING! I can’t believe this is an actual ticket! I love it. Ballsy to say the least.

  1. mcmeador says:

    Why aren’t you naming the source? If someone from management were to see this, I’m betting they’d be able to find out who it is since they probably have access to these tickets.

  2. serdafied says:

    1) they don’t know what dept of what company this is from.
    2) any tech support desk gets hundreds if not thousands of calls a day, it be a needle in a stack of needles

    for instance in my dept @ hilton yesterday we took 975 calls the dept across the hall took 1300+
    The Auto Zone desk is the same way
    So is the saint Jude desk.

    Now where should management start looking

  3. Vastlee says:

    Plausible Deniability is the simple answer. Serda may be a filthy Republican, but he isn’t stupid.

    Btw… yesterday when I asked a guest what I could do for him his repeated answer was: 1 Owah! (Hour) You give me 1 Owaaaah!

    I wanted to note that the guest couldn’t afford me 😉

  4. mcmeador says:

    “1) they don’t know what dept of what company this is from.
    2) any tech support desk gets hundreds if not thousands of calls a day, it be a needle in a stack of needles

    for instance in my dept @ hilton”

    Didn’t you just tell what company it’s from? And the first line of your post says “IT dept.” lolz

    Even without that, it’s not too hard to figure out. Your user name incorporates your last name and your icon is a picture of yourself. You post it making it sound as if it is from your own place of employment. And you say it’s from a drunk “guest.” That implies a hotel and rules out places like Auto Zone and St. Jude because their callers would be “employees” or maybe “patients.”

    You could get yourself in trouble too by further relaying information which you know to be confidential if they can ascertain that this is from your company. And when you thanked the source as if he would end up reading this, that would give management a place to start at least…any employees who have posted under their own name or a recognizable screen name on your blog. Plus the fact that someone gave you this information would indicate that it came from someone you associate with at work. It would also be reasonable to assume that the ticket you posted was recent. With just that little bit of information, they could easily narrow down a time frame of a few days and a list of a few people to check.

    I’m a detective fool!

  5. serdafied says:

    Yes a detective on a wild ass goose chase. This ticket could be old as dirt. I posted something that even if it were in the last few days which honestly i got this info a few weeks ago minimum that would still be 3500 tickets or more to look through. Furthermore this could easily be something y silly ass made up. More than likely that is already the thought taken by the readers.

  6. mcmeador says:

    Oh, so it was a few weeks ago? Thanks for narrowing down the time frame! NOW WHO GAVE YOU THIS INFORMATION, JUSTIN?!? WHY DO YOU WANNA KILL ME?!?!?!?!?!?

  7. serdafied says:

    perhaps you should look in the file under “D” for “Dumbass”

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