Who gives 3% of a shit about P. Diddy’s Political View?

Posted: September 11, 2008 in america
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First of all I would like to state that i personally do not care for Sean “Puffy” “P. Diddy”  “Puff the Magic Fagot” Combs’ music [Jay Z is a better lyricist 10 fold], much less his political views.  I’ll go ahead and stop the common response now and I’ll admit that I’m sure he nor most of the world gives 3% of a fuck about mine. Seeing as you’re already here i might as well go ahead and give it to you raw, like ODB.

Secondly who the F wants an alias like Puff Daddy or Puffy or P. Diddy? That’s not Gangsta, that’s not even cool. Those all sound like names of Japanese cartoon characters after a very loose translation. What happened to good aliases like the Wu Tang members have ?

They had had great aliases:

Ghostface Killah: Sun God, Black Jesus, Tony Starks

Method Man: Johnny Blaze, Iron Lungs, Ticallion Stallion

Ol’ Dirty Bastard: Big Baby Jesus, Dirt McGirt, Osiris

the list goes on and on! God dammit I hate this guy.

I digress. in this video P. Diddy,  this is ridiculous from here on in  he will be referred to as Ass Hat, Ass Hat is calling Out John McCain for his selection of Sarah Palin as VP.

…this is tha job to … be the leader of da free world. Ok? No disrespect, I love you , I want you to live to be 110, but uhm things happen. What if, God forbid, you got a runnin’ mat, you become president… Alaska? Alaska? Alaska? Ala-come on…

What the fuck are you babbling about Ass Hat? Face it Sarah Palin (I wanted a McCain- Romney ticket BTW) has more executive experience alone than Obama and his VP combined. We’ve got McCain with more than enough experience who is a war hero and proven leader, who sticks to his word, along with one of the highest approved Governors in the nation. On the other ticket we have a “Community Organizer” (I can’t belive that’s a real job) who loves the word CHANGE so much, that he often changes his own stance on topics, or recants his views. Someone who stated 4 years ago that he would not be qualified to run for President in 2008.  His own words tell you that he is not qualified. I think it was best put by former Mayor Guliani …

“you have to decide, who am I going to hire? On one hand you’ve got a man who’s dedicated his life to the service of the United States. He’s been tested time and again by crisis, he has passed every test. Even … even his adversaries acknowledge, Democrats, republicans, everyone acknowledges that John McCain is a true American hero. He.. he loves America as we all do, but he has sacrificed for it as few do!…..He is a man who believes in serving a cause greater than self interest, and that cause is the United Stats of America. America comes first!

“On the other hand you have the resume of a gifted man with an Ivy League education. He worked as a community organizer…[laughs] What? [laughing among crowd] He worked [Rudy still laughing] I said he worked [crowd chanting] ok ok ok, maybe this is the 1st problem on the resume. He worked as a community organizer. He emersed himself in Chicago Machine Politics. Many ran…then he ran for the state legislature and he got elected, and nearly 130 times he couldn’t make a decision. He couldn’t figure out rather to vote yes or no. It was too tough. he voted..he voted PRESENT. I didn’t know about this vote present when i was Mayor of New York City. Sarah Palin didn’t have the vote, “present”, when she was Mayor or Governor. You don’t get “present”, it doesn’t work in an executive job. For President of the United States it’s not good enough to be “present”. You have to make a decision. A few years later he ran for the US senate. He spent most of his time as a celebrity Senator. No leadership no legislation to really speak of. His rise is remarkable in it’s own right. It;s the kind of thing that could happen only in America. But he’s never run a city, He’s never run a state, he’s never run a business, he’s never run a military unit,  he’s never had to lead people in a crisis! He is the least experienced Candidate for the President of the United States in at least the last 100 years.”

  1. mcmeador says:

    What a moron. This is the second video blog of his that I’ve seen, and this is the second that sounds like a complete moron senselessly rambling. I could barely watch it with his constant “I’m gonna spin around while holding the camera” technique. It made me want to throw up. Or maybe it was just listening to him that did that. Either way, I’m even more opposed to Obama now than I was before. Because now I know if he’s elected, not only will we have Obama as president, but we’ll have to put up with Diddy’s insane ego thinking that he was singlehandedly responsible for getting Obama elected.

    And apparently black people are the future. I can only hope Memphis is no indication of what that would be like.

  2. Grosjean says:

    First of all McCain war past is all exaggerated greatly, and Combs is not trying to be gangster or even said he was a great rapper, that fucker is a straight up business man. I mean come on, why dont we all just agree that this election ticket is a fucking joke. All president and VP candidates are just a fucking joke, there is not anyone out there who cares about the core of this country. I am tired of this stupid he said she said, yall are stupid for likeing McCain and everyone else is stupid for liking Obama, bring back John Edwards!!!

  3. Jesse says:

    I’ll agree with Gros in some way (leaving out the Edwards comment). The fact of the matter is this: whether we get a Democrat or Republican as president, at this point it is not going to matter. Why? Because neither party really has the American citizen in mind when it comes to enforcing or creating policies, many of which the federal government has no room to enforce.

    The power of the state has diminished greatly as we continue towards this New World Order and as the years go by Americans will find they have less and less of a say in politics in general. Since most people are not awakened to this fact and have their heads either so far up their asses or their eyes glued to American Idol, this is going to continue.

    Put the party aside and examine policy and how it relates to our Constitution, the foundation of this country, which is nothing but a ‘Goddamn piece of paper’ according to Bush Jr.

  4. serdafied says:

    This post originally started as a slight against Ass Hat and the media for allowing these celebrities to constantly ring in shoving their opinions down the throats of the huddled MTV masses. The people who do shit like stab holes in their faces cause it’s cool or to wear clothes 8 sizes too big and gang bang cause someone mentioned that particular brand of clothing in a song and said they rock it and they rob and steal. If they are willing to mutilate themselves because MTV said so, or to risk their lives and take the lives of others just to be cool, or to earn street cred. I’m sure they are mindless enough to cast their vote according to what some babbling, imbecile says on his vblog.

    As far as this description of Ass Hat as a “straight up businessman”, I disagree. Businessmen don’t go around making themselves look stupid! It’s bad for business. He obviously should stay away from public speaking since he can’t seem to form a sentence, so that’s not his business either. His business is Fashion and Music. He’s not a businessman he’s a celebrity and an entrepreneur. He’s wealthy, yes. He’s successful, yes. Does he conduct himself in a professional manner, no.

    He’s a self-centered ego-maniacal self-promoter. He’s very good at what he does. If anything I’ll give you that as a Record Executive, he is a business man in that right. Being a record Executive, though does mean that he has probably been forced to make more decisions than Obama, and he has held executive offices in both Bad Boy Records and in his apparel company, making him more qualified than Obama. Maybe we should vote for Ass Hat and his running mate can be the crack head, that he is upset doesn’t reside in Alaska.

  5. mcmeador says:

    “As far as this description of Ass Hat as a ‘straight up businessman’, I disagree. Businessmen don’t go around making themselves look stupid! It’s bad for business.”

    Thank you.

    I agree with all the rest as well.

  6. Grosjean says:

    When are you and mike just gonna get over with and marry each other, you say he is an entrepreneur and not a business man…and entrepreneur is the virtuoso of business men. Also, how does he conduct himself wrongly? He is one of the few mega stars that you does not start all kinds of shit all of the time, and you can say bad for business all you want, come say this stuff after your first billion! You can hate on all kinds of people, but to go out of your was on Combs just because of a video, sounds pretty petty.

  7. serdafied says:

    its not just cause of that 1 video. Every since he started his “Diddy Blog” he has become more and more annoying. then in )4 there was the Vote Or Die campaign. OK thank you for trying to get people out to the voting booths. Someone who doesn’t vote has no right to complain. I don’t want to hear the “oh well my vote doesn’t count anyway” or “if Obama wins by just 1 vote then I’ll apologize” shit if someone, as an American citizen, can’t take time out of their busy fucking life to cast their vote, then oh well shut the fuck up. There are people who love to get the chance to even have some sort of an illusion of voting. Voting for their leaders would be a wet dream, instead they get killed if they even think about it.

    Sean Combs is very successful as i stated previously. He is a “mega-star” I’ll give you that. He is also a giant walking Ego. I’m sure that given his fame and fortune i would be much the same, an Ass Hat that pisses people off. It’s not just Puffy. It’s all these Celebrities who are simply just paid to look good in a magazine, or pose on the red carpet to sell some more Versace. They seem to take their celebrity too far at times. I love when people ask you to do something, or politely suggest it. I hate when people think that just cause they are themselves, that you must heed their words and obey the decree. Fuck you, get back into your nice suit pose for Pepsi and make your money Senior Combs. I liked you better when you were getting rocked by Death Row.

  8. Grosjean says:

    illusion is right!!!

  9. bobby moore says:

    “I don’t want to hear the “oh well my vote doesn’t count anyway” or “if Obama wins by just 1 vote then I’ll apologize” shit if someone, as an American citizen, can’t take time out of their busy fucking life to cast their vote, then oh well shut the fuck up. There are people who love to get the chance to even have some sort of an illusion of voting. Voting for their leaders would be a wet dream, instead they get killed if they even think about it.” Have you ever voted? cause if not i guess you should just shut the fuck up about all this political nonsense as well sir

  10. Grosjean says:

    I have voted it is overrated. I do not care who does or does not vote, and it is not that i do not have the time. I mean shit, I live half a mile from a voting spot. It is just that I do believe it is an illusion, especially in a state that has been red since red was discovered. I do not like any candidate, so why would I go on who I dislike the least?

  11. bobby moore says:

    wasnt speaking to you sir, was commenting on the person who has never voted but telling people to shut up if they dont vote

  12. Grosjean says:

    oh lol my bad

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