Cindy McCain drifts a S14!!!

Posted: September 11, 2008 in america, cars, sports
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That’s right people!

First and foremost, thanks to Michael for the find. How he found something on ESPN before me, since he hates sports, the world may never know.

Cindy McCain apparently is into drifting. Now unfortunately in this video they don’t show her actually drifting, due to some torn ligaments in her wrist she could not perform. She has driven the Pace car at Pocono. She flies to Japan for drifting lessons. Now i don’t give a fuck what her last name is! Any 50+ year old woman who enjoys motorsports and cars and something as adrenaline pumping as drifting (post stroke mind you) is pretty damn cool in my book. Now I want Sen. McCain to win the election in the hopes that she’ll start doing donuts on the front lawn at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in celebration!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “mccain“, posted with vodpod
  1. patentleatherpussycat says:

    Have you seen THE VIEW?

    Those women (though not brain dead former reality show zero, E. Hasselbeck, the right-wing demon on the show’s shoulder) asked him some of the most difficult questions I’ve heard at any point in this odious spectacle.

    The clips are below. There are four, I think; stick around for the appearance by a narco-zombified Lady McCain, in all her Sportswear-by-St-John, Valium-bot, barbiturate-barbie, “high” camp :

    She REFUSES to give Barbara an exact house count!

  2. serdafied says:

    There are no clips below and everyone on the View is a CUNT!

  3. patentleatherpussycat says:

    Sorry about the clips. That was sort of sloppy of me. Everyone on the view is a cunt? Even John mcCain?

  4. serdafied says:

    lol I suppose you got me there. I just hate the over opinionated and and often uneducated or unwarranted comments made on that show. I don’t watch it. Besides it’s on in the mornings and if I’m awake that early everyone is a cunt, everyone!! links Below to the latest example.

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