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Posted: September 11, 2008 in america, life
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since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, hard to believe. Seems like it was just a few years ago. Since then we’ve been engaged in a war with those believed to be responsible. Since then we’ve not been attacked gain. Hard to plan and execute an attack when they have their big military boot planted firmly in the interior of your anal cavity….I say we stay till the jobs done.
Pick the leader that isn’t going to run from the fight leaving us open for another attack!

  1. Autumn says:

    AMEN Serda….i love you….

  2. Grosjean says:

    i have plenty of stuff to say but i wont argue facts against opinion…but my one task for you is to find ONE, (1), uno, 2-1, 0+1, picture of a 757 hitting the first tower, and one legitimate explanation as to why WTC building 7 fell as well, with all the surrounding buildings having no damage…looks the the attackers we have to worry about is right in front of our face!!!

  3. Grosjean says:

    and also what is your explanation of “getting the job done”, just kill every one of them??

  4. serdafied says:

    Thank you Jesse. The 5 wounds of Jesus! I’m not sure what you were going for with the Pentagram but I personally don’t look at the symbol by it’s “satanic, or Wiccan” meaning I see the meaning the Christians had for it or the Free Masons who designed the layout of those streets, or even the ancient Greeks who that it was a magical symbol representing the Goddess Venus. so this image really holds no meaning to me. I’m sure someone out their though thinks it means America is Eeeevieel! OH well can’t cure ignorance cause the ignorant only hear what they want.

  5. serdafied says:

    Find me 1 picture, one, 237+13-249, uno picture of the bullet entering the head of Osama Bin Laden and I’ll be happy. Someone else will take his place to hate the Americans, and if they are stupid enough to attack our country or our citizens abroad, they too shall meet the military might of the free world. We don’t fight fair and we bring friends! Yes I say we kill and torture to find the next terrorist cell until we cleanse the earth of them. Do I think we should kill all Arabs, no of course not. they are people just like us. Terrorism is not just a past time in Arab nations. there have always been terrorist cells in Germany and france and Italy, etc. The fact of the matter is that if they want to strike fear into the hearts of innocent people then e should strike the fear of God, or Allah, or Joe Pesci, or whomever their prayers are sent, and drive that fear deep into their soul attached to a NATO 5.56 round with a Smiley Face on the tip!

  6. mcmeador says:

    Video of 1st plane hitting. You can hear it flying over first, then you see it hit, then you have witness testimony of seeing a plane flying really low and then hitting the WTC.

    But why would you even insist on seeing evidence of the first plane hitting? It’s easy to do so, as there would be hardly anyone who would have had any reason to be filming around that area at the time since nothing had happened yet. But yet again, what does it matter? We’ve ALL seen the second plane hit…

    And here’s an article from Popular Mechanics magazine that explains the collapse of WTC7.



  7. mcmeador says:

    And here’s a video from that day of WTC7, smoke pouring out of the entire south side of the building and lots of damage visible through the smoke.

  8. Jesse says:

    Ignorance is accepting what you’re told to fit your reality (like a popular mechanics article) and not searching for it on your own. I don’t need to see the video footage, I have plenty of times. You’re correct in saying that terrorists use fear to their advantage, but it’s that same fear that allows people to believe that they’re required to give up their rights in order to remain safe. I won’t believe that for a second.

    Liberty or death

  9. Grosjean says:

    no mike i said a picture or video of a 757 like they said it was…ignorance is only hearing what you want to…in fact that is what yall do with 9/11…oh yeah and why did tower 7 fall justin or mike??? oh yeah that debris that happened to avoid every other building around it, amazing!!! CONTROLLED DEMOLITION!!!!

  10. mcmeador says:

    I’ve always felt that ignorance was ignoring science and the obvious truth and thinking that you can find the truth by scouring the internet and putting together theories of what happened by viewing random still photos and reading what other nutty people have to say.

    And yes, Nick, that is a video of the first 757 hitting the building. What do you think it was? It’s not ignorant to accept the obvious truth. I’m not “hearing what I want to.” I don’t want to hear that terrorists flew planes into our buildings and killed thousands of people, but it happened and I accept it. The 9/11 conspiracy theories make absolutely no sense.

    I gave you a link to a video of WTC 7, showing smoke pouring out of an obviously damaged entire south side of the building and an article from Popular Mechanics explaining what happened. It’s quite obvious that it was damaged by falling debris just by watching the news videos before it collapsed.

    How could these have been controlled demolitions? It would have taken months to set something like this up. I guess crews were coming into these buildings busting walls out and planting explosives on all of the support structures all that time? Yeah, right… the thousands of people who were in these buildings day in and day out just didn’t notice or think anything about it.

  11. Grosjean says:

    the same reasons you keep guns in your room…because you know the truth and you are paranoid, yes mike everyone is out to get you…i mean really who uses bath towels to clean something up…you can do your research and if you actually did your science you would realize that these towers fell at freefall speed, now how can that happen with a collapse at the top of the building?? give me some more denial, and once again WHY DID TOWER 7 FALL JUST LIKE THE OTHER 2?

  12. Grosjean says:

    come on mike 2 get hit by a plane, one gets hit my debris and they both fall at freefall speed, you are crazy? facts are facts and you do not want to believe them, that is your fault!!! Also you might want to go look at actual witness accounts, they will dispute your claims!

  13. mcmeador says:

    I keep guns in my room because I own guns and that’s the logical place to keep them. I’m not paranoid. I’m not sitting around constantly worrying that someone is going to break into my house. I carry a gun on me when I go out places because crazy stuff happens sometimes, so I have it just in case. I’m not paranoid thinking that anytime I go out I’m going to end up in a gun fight.

    As I predicted you just completely ignored my point about how a controlled demolition like that could possibly be set up. Every single person I’ve ever debated this issue with has ignored it as well. You simply can’t explain it because it would have been impossible to do so. So there’s really no need in even going any further into it because we know that it would have been impossible to set this controlled demolition up. But just for the sake of argument, here’s a video debunking the claim that the towers collapsed at freefall speed:


    In case you missed it, one of the video links I provided you with earlier included an eyewitness account. It actually enforced my claim that a plane hit the first tower…which you haven’t really explained yet…what exactly do you think that was?

    And I take it from that comment that you posted on my MySpace that you believe the Pentagon wasn’t hit by a plane? How do you explain the fact that there was airplane debris all over the yard? Did they just go out there and plant that debris out in front of all of the press and all of the people driving by on the interstate that overlooks the Pentagon?

    Do you realize how many people would be involved in a conspiracy this size? An ungodly amount. Yet nobody has run his/her mouth? People are ratting on people in the government all the time. Deepthroat ran his mouth about Watergate. Linda Tripp ran her mouth about Monica Lewinsky. Plenty of people have run their mouths about stuff supposedly going on in the Bush administration. I guess they just forgot to mention the vast 9/11 conspiracy? You can’t keep even the tiniest secret in Washington, much less something this big. People involved in a conspiracy like this could become millionaires selling their story. But so far the only ones “selling” it are paranoid kooks and lefties who have degrees that they think qualify them to watch some news reels and expose a dark plot by the government.

    P.S. Stop asking about WTC 7! I’ve given you a link to an article explaining it and referenced it several times. Read it!

  14. mcmeador says:

    P.P.S Please tell me WHY they would demolish WTC7? Who cares about that? Both towers of the WTC had just collapsed. Why the hell would anyone feel the need to go a step further and demolish some other random building in the complex that was already evacuated? What impact would that have. Absolutely none. There would be no point in doing it. As I’ve said, the conspiracy theories about 9/11 are completely illogical.

  15. Grosjean says:

    lol i knew i could stir some stuff up for you j…ok mike i do see what you are saying, im just sayin that tower 7 was not as innocent as people want to think, what do you think the tower had in it?? now for the controlled demolition, yes it would take a log time to set that up! just like it was a good while before the towers fell when security guards were relieved of 12 hour shifts and bomb sniffing dogs were removed from the building, also why would several firemen say they heard multiple explosions along with a fire chief’s transmission saying that they were 2 isolated pockets of fire o floor 78 and they would only need 2 hoses to take care of it…if the fire was as bad as everyone says he would not have made it that far up the tower…now for the explosion that happens 9 seconds after the plane hits, the 2nd plane didnt hit til 18 minutes afterward, so what was this explosion that was recorded on audio across the street from the towers?….now why did we never hear anything about 7 falling the day it did fall?…why is the hole in shanksville not near the size of a 757 crash site along with the coroner saying he never saw one body much less a drop of blood?…now why is the lawn of the pentagon intact after being slammed by a 757?…also how did this plane incinerate with nearly zero trace being found of it, fire? ok that is fine, but if a fire is hot enough to incinerate a 757, how could they have identified 184 of the 189 dead? i think they would burn before titanium engines they weigh 6 tons and are 9 feet in diameter, i am just sayin the facts are there, it is just if you want to believe them!!!

    p.s.-i was just fucking with you with the gun thing, i know you know i dont like them, i was just tryin to fire you up lol

  16. mcmeador says:

    I’m sure there were gas lines running through the WTC like any other building that could easily explain explosions in the building. There’s also a well-known hazard when dealing with building fires called backdrafts. It is entirely conceivable that backdraft explosions occurred in the WTC and could be heard outside of the building. Some backdrafts can be so powerful that they can destroy smaller buildings. I found this video for you for reference:


    How did the chief get up there so fast? He was a marathon runner and he ran up the stairs to the area where the plane had hit. Just because he was able to easily scale the building in one stairwell doesn’t mean that there wasn’t fire elsewhere. Why did the chief say there were only 2 isolated pockets of fire? Because that’s all he saw. Lt. Joseph G. Leavey who responded to him said that he was on the same floor in a stairwell but couldn’t get to where the chief was because there was fire blocking the way and it would have to be put out first. Read about it here:


    I don’t even know why we’re arguing about how bad the fire was. It was obviously pretty bad because throughout all of the news footage there is an abundance of smoke continually pouring out of both towers and fires clearly visible even on the outside of the building.

    Why didn’t we hear about WTC7 collapsing the day it collapsed? If that is indeed true, the reason would be because it was insignificant as I’ve already said. The building was evacuated and it the fact that it collapsed as well would have no impact on anyone after having seen the WTC towers collapse. That is the same reason it would make no sense for “conspirators” to demolish it. There would have been no point, because as you say, it wasn’t even reported the day it happened. It was unimportant.

    You’ll find that so much of these conspiracy theories are based on little snippets of information here and there. They are taken out of context to support a theory that can easily be debunked by including the rest. Such is the case for your claim that the coroner found absolutely no remains. That is completely false. He said this on the day of the crash. But if you go a step further to the next day, Wednesday, you will see that they began to find human remains:


    In a much later article, the same coroner that made this comment about no remains refers to many remains that had been found over time:


    Now are you saying that the Shanksville crash site doesn’t appear to be the size of a 757? Well that kinda depends on what angle it crashes at doesn’t it? Take a Coke can for example. If I smash it into some dirt right side up, it’s going to collapse top to bottom and leave a mark in the dirt the size of it’s circumference. However, if I smash it sideways, it’s going to collapse side to side and leave a mark in the dirt matching it’s crushed length and width. The same goes for a plane. If it falls straight down out of the sky longways, it should leave a mark the length and width of a plane. If it does a nose dive, it should leave a mark only representing it’s height and width. And if it crashes at an angle, it’s not going to leave a perfect plane shaped mark in the ground as it will begin to crush forward into the nose before any other part of the plane touches the ground.

    Why is the lawn of the Pentagon intact? I wasn’t aware that it was. Looks pretty roughed up here:

    Considering the engines of the plane had fuel coursing through them, it makes a lot of sense that they could explode and fly into pieces and smaller parts burn quickly in this deconstructed state. And there were engine parts as well as other plane parts found at the scene. There was debris littered everywhere. You can easily find pictures of it all.

    The facts are there. I’ve accepted them. You conspiracy theorists are still searching for them in places that you won’t find them.

  17. Jesse says:

    “I’ve always felt that ignorance was ignoring science and the obvious truth and thinking that you can find the truth by scouring the internet and putting together theories of what happened by viewing random still photos and reading what other nutty people have to say.”

    Using this logic you’re saying that researching a theory is illogical, period. The fact that the towers fell as they did goes against science AND the structure of the buildings. They were built to withstand a plane crashing into them, as a matter of fact. The people you refer to as ‘nutty’ are brave enough to question the official story.

    By the way, do you want to tell me why Bush and Cheney insisted to meet the 9/11 commission after they had finished their report? Don’t give me that ‘national security concern’ bullshit either. If an investigation was done on such a catastrophic event then the American people have every right to know the details of what was found.

  18. Jesse says:

    I forgot to mention that during their meeting they denied the media covering it.

  19. mcmeador says:

    “Using this logic you’re saying that researching a theory is illogical, period.”

    No, I actually stated it quite clearly. It’s ignorant to ignore science and what is obviously the truth in favor of pursuing a crazy theory that is completely illogical and using grainy still photos and news footage to support it.

    “The fact that the towers fell as they did goes against science AND the structure of the buildings.”

    No, it doesn’t. I’ve already provided a video showing that they DID NOT fall at freefall speed.

    “They were built to withstand a plane crashing into them, as a matter of fact.”

    Yeah, because the people who built them knew exactly how to build it to withstand a huge passenger plane crashing into them because that’s happened before…oh wait, no it hasn’t. You could easily disprove your own inane theories by just doing a simple search on the internet or putting quotes from people in their proper context. Here are the very words of one of the WTC architects who explains that they never foresaw something like this happening and that they weren’t considering planes of this size crashing into it:

    LEON HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: So many of us had thought for so long that the Twin Towers were invincible. We had heard for so many times over the years that the buildings have been built to withstand an impact from the crash of a plane.

    Let’s talk right now on the telephone with Aaron Swirsky. He’s in Jerusalem. He was one of the original architects of the complex, as I understand it.

    Is that the case, Mr. Swirsky?

    AARON SWIRSKY, ARCHITECT: I was working with Minoru Yamasaki, who is the architect of the building. But I was one of the workers with him. We were a team of 14 architects, and I was one of the members of the team.

    HARRIS: As a member of the team, and having such insight to how this building was constructed, could you believe that a plane could bring these buildings down?

    SWIRSKY: No, as a matter of fact, one of the rationales of the structure of the building was that it would be built as a pipe. And that proved itself to work during the explosion of 1993, when a hole was brought into the building, and it survived. But somehow, nobody could foresee anything like (Sept. 11th incident).

    Also, at that time, the planes were not like these types of planes that we have now. I think the biggest plane was a 100-passenger plane, something like that, and the fuel capacity of those planes was not like they are today.

    The criterion was that if a plane hits, it would go right through it. And nobody could foresee something like that. The tower was protected in such a way that the damage would be limited to one story, but it wouldn’t travel to the other stories.

    HARRIS: The planes that crashed yesterday were much bigger than that. They were 757s.

    SWIRSKY: And also the fuel capacity is much more tremendous.

    HARRIS: Exactly. That’s what I want to ask you about. Which was it that made the biggest difference? Was it the impact felt from the larger plane, or was it the heat generated by the burning and that much fuel.

    SWIRSKY: I imagine, when I saw the pictures of the implosion of the building, it looks like the fuel must have leaked right to the core of the building, and from there it was the massive explosion that caused the building to collapse. So it was something completely unforeseen, so far as the design criteria was concerned.

    Source: http://www.ussartf.org/world_trade_center_disaster.htm

    “By the way, do you want to tell me why Bush and Cheney insisted to meet the 9/11 commission after they had finished their report? Don’t give me that ‘national security concern’ bullshit either. If an investigation was done on such a catastrophic event then the American people have every right to know the details of what was found.”

    Be more specific about what you’re asking. The way you phrase it, it doesn’t imply that Bush and Cheney sought to censor the findings of the 9/11 Commission. And as you know, the 9/11 Commission report is published in a gigantic book available in any bookstore.

  20. Grosjean says:

    Mike I can go find articles about anything, and after reading those I am no closer to believing. Just because someone writes it down does not make it true, these are not articles, more like excuses!!!

  21. Grosjean says:

    and let be guess…you believed the Warren Commission too didnt you?

  22. mcmeador says:

    That’s fine, Nick. I didn’t expect you to believe. The fact of the matter is that I provided you with perfectly good explanations of the “inconsistencies” that you brought up, which you simply dismiss.

    I presented points of simple logic and reasoning to you that you could offer no response to, such as the impossibility of a controlled demolition being set up in the WTC towers and the lack of any purpose in demolishing WTC7.

    You provided me with the claim that the coroner found no human remains at the Flight 93 crash site, which is based solely on his statement made on September 11th. I responded with an article showing you that the first human remains weren’t found until September 12th and another in which the same coroner commented on all of the human remains that had been found over the months following that day. I suppose you’re dismissing these articles as “excuses” as well.

    You provided me with the words of a fire chief who described two isolated pockets of fire. I provided you with words from the person who responded to him who described more fire where he was which blocked the path to the fire chief. The I pointed out another simple point of logic, which was that the fires in the buildings were obviously bad considering all of the smoke pouring out of both towers and the fires clearly visible from the outside.

    But like I said, I don’t expect that to convince you so I guess we can take a break from debating.

  23. Grosjean says:

    Mike I do not need to offer responses to your false statements, I provided perfectly good questions to you that you could not answer, only offer explanations. Explanations are not fact, I am sorry but you cannot provide any reasonable answers to a lot of my questions, also you did not answer a few. I am just saying your “simple logic” leans towards me, you are the one who needs explanations. Excuses can be explanations as well as explanations can be true explanations, it is the stuff in the middle that is the truth. Guess we will never know…

  24. Grosjean says:

    Also, are you that dumb? They would find at least one body out of fucking several, of course it did not be found til the next day, sounds real fucking convenient does it not? I mean come on man, you are smarter than that…what about the lawn at the pentagon????

  25. mcmeador says:

    Right…my false statements. You’re the one who seems to think a perfect controlled demolition (which would take months to set up) could have been set up without the thousands and thousands of people who worked in those buildings everyday noticing. That is absurd. You claimed that the towers fell at freefall speed, yet I showed you a video proving otherwise. You think there is a conspiracy behind the collapse of WTC7 when it would make no sense for anyone to have deliberately demolished that building. You claimed that it could not have been damaged by falling debris, yet news footage that I’ve showed you from that day clearly shows the entire south side damaged with smoke pouring out it.

    You want to know exactly what those explosions were in the WTC? I can’t give you an exact answer. I can just give you an incredibly reasonable and sensible explanation. You want to know why the Flight 93 crash site looked the way it did? I’m sorry I can’t tell you at exactly what angle it hit the ground. What I can tell you is common sense: the only way it could possibly make a hole in the ground the exact size and shape of the plane is if it fell straight out of the sky right side up or upside down. Otherwise, crashing at any kind of angle is going to result in a smaller hole. I’m sorry that apparently the only people who can provide exact answers to your questions are dead. You can make baseless accusations all day long and raise questions that you know can’t be answered because either anyone who knows is dead or, as you’d prefer, anyone who knows won’t tell. Speak of being convenient…

    And as for the coroner from Shanksville… your ridiculous theory that there were no remains found is based on his supposed words from that day that there were no bodies. Yet when I decided to look a little further into this, the only place where that quote comes from is in the conspiracy nut film “Loose Change.” There are no news sites that quote him as saying this. In fact, the coroner has addressed the fact that conspiracy theorists are misquoting what he said that day, and he is appalled by it.

    Wally Miller, the local coroner at Somerset, Pennsylvania is at the centre of another debate about the crash of United 93. In his film Loose Change, Dylan Avery quotes Miller as saying: “I stopped being coroner after about 20 minutes because there were no bodies there.”

    However, interviewed for The Conspiracy Files, Wally Miller says he was misquoted.

    “I said that I stopped being a coroner after about 20 minutes because it was perfectly clear what the manner of death was going to be.

    “It was a plane crash, but yet it was a homicide because terrorists had hijacked the plane and killed the passengers.”

    He says it is technically correct that there were no complete bodies at the crash site, but the recovery operation found many body parts and DNA to identify all the passengers and crew on board.

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/low/programmes/conspiracy_files/6341851.stm


  26. Grosjean says:

    Well Mike, I have seen plenty of articles and videos that would put down your explanations. As for the coroner, he is one of MANY people to have changed their statements after the first day. Now Loose Change did make a lot pf good points, but trust me I know they went too far and were a little too aggressive. I have never said I know what happened that day, all I am saying is that what they say happened, is not true. A 757 did not bounce off of the lawn at the pentagon and hit it, the first hole is not even close to the shape of a 757. Also a 757 did not crash into the ground in Shanksville, there is a lot of debris in one hole, no littering of debris throughout the area which happens with every 757 crash. Finally I am not saying that I know it was controlled demolition, I am just sayin that it looks exactly like every other controlled demolition I have seen.

    AND…You cannot dispute what the firemen say after the buildings fell…Several of them say they heard multiple explosions as well as some elevators exploding, there is just no explanation! You can try to find all the articles and videos you want, but I will not dispute with the firemen, who were in the trying to save people, I will take their word over our government any day. I have never tried to convince you of anything, just trying to get you to open your eyes a little. There are a lot better documentaries than “Loose Change” they are the extremist, but they do offer a lot of good points, points nobody can answer…Like I said, we will never know what happened, we will just know what did not happen.

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