Proud to be an American!

Posted: September 5, 2008 in america, life
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America is a great nation and a beautiful country. We have it all from sprawling metropolises, with their towering skyscrapers, massive populations, beautiful architecture, and rich history, to the majestic deserts, wondrous snow capped mountain ranges, beautiful beaches formed from 2 oceans.  We have the tranquil plains of the Midwest and the fertile soil in the low delta regions of the South.

This country is a haven for those who do not feel welcome in their homeland. We have given shelter and opportunity to those forsaken by their leaders from all over the world. We bar no one from our borders because of race or religion. We strive to make everyone feel at home. We make accommodations for immigrants that often inconvenience our own citizens, but we adapt. This trait has made this country a hotbed for culture. From the Chinatowns on both coasts, to the Barrios on the West, the Hip-Hop breathing East coast, and blue collar working class of middle America we have a way of life that is as different from state to state as most continents do from country to country. There are places in America where if you’re only language is English we wish you luck. Spanish, Japanese, french, German, and Mandarin are quickly becoming pre-requisite courses for American business students. No matter color or creed we have welcomed you all with open arms. Invited you to share in the freedoms we enjoy. Yes, we have laws and restrictions. Yes, we do things a little differently than our European brethren across The Pond. Yes, we are big and strong. Yes, we seem like bullies. But contemplate the alternative.

All these things help to make us one of the greatest countries on Earth. Am I saying this is a better country with better laws and better people than , say, Britain…NO. That would solely be an opinionated statement based on my political views. That is not what I am wanting to do here.

We have laws that allow us to disagree with our government openly. There are hundreds of countries where that alone is a crime punishable by death. Imagine the feeling of hating everything about where you live, as you may well hate it here, and not being allowed to tell anyone, not allowed to leave rather you have the means or not. Imagine a world where day to day life is filled with death and dispair, I don’t mean the way it is here where murder and other violent crimes are commonplace in large cities, but where genocide has put everyone you know in the dirt and you’re only left because you happened to be a boy young and strong enough to fight. Image life in Sierra Leone.

Imagine life in countries where slavery IS still rampant. We complain about things that are so minute and not much more than an inconvenience on a daily basis, then proclaim we hate this country ? We sit in our comfortable homes, no matter where you live if you have a roof and a floor you’re better off than many around the world, and we toss around hatred for this country as if it has done nothing for us. We whine about things like universal health care, abortion, freedom of speech, same sex marriage, etc. America is the capital of “who can we blame”!

We live in the age of opportunism, everyone is looking for a reason to sue someone, to get rich quick. Make the easy dollar. Yet, meanwhile, all over the nation we have young people striving to improve the world through medicine, engineering, science, and other fields. The brightest minds in the world come here to sharpen their skills.

We want universal health care, “Canada has it!” we say. Yes and Canada has made how many advances in medicine in the last 60 years. Canadians may have made some, yes, but where did they make them? In the health care system of America. If you want insurance, get a job. If you get a full time job they will offer you health care for you and your family. I am 22 years old. I have had insurance (medical, dental, vision, automotive, life, etc.) since i was 18. Before that I was covered under my Father’s insurance plan, when he had one. I believe the give here is that all persons under 18 should be covered on insurance. Adults to fend for themselves.

We want freedom of religion, yet the same people you see at a freedom of religion rally will attend a pro-life or pro-choice rally as well. Freedom of religion you want ok you can have it, yet you don’t want freedom of body? Same with gay marriage. That’s the beauty, you can want both if you want. The way it works is that in some states it is legal to marry same sex, MASS and CALI i believe are the only 1 right now, and in some states its not. To outlaw abortion, rather you feel it against your religion or you believe it to be ok, could cause complications. Some women simply can’t have children and just the stress of pregnancy could kill them, should they notbe allowed to abort the pregnancy and be forced to die, because they were raped and impregnated? I know that is an extreme situation but is not at all a preposterous reality, is it?  If it’s simply illegal then what happens in that situation?

Same sex marriage even though i lean to the right, i have nothing against it. Homosexuality doesn’t make me angry, but flaunting that you’re different for attention does. Rather you are Gay or lesbian or Attractive or Fat or whatever, just be cool with who you are don’t shoev it in everyone’s face and people will accept you.

That’s all for today my fellow Americans. Remember we’re not so bad off, and we do allow you to leave if you want. We love you all. We only ask that you take pride in your nation and love your neighbors.

I leave you with this:

  1. mcmeador says:

    Heck yeah dude! Signing the “Proud To Be An American” blog!

  2. Matt says:

    Jesus fucking christ just shut the fuck up man.

  3. Jesse says:

    Yeah, great country, but with horrible political leaders.

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