As part of my probation sentence I am being forced to do 240 hours of community service … here is a few minutes of my time…

As a father of a 11 – 13 year old boy you know that at some point you’re going to have to talk to him about sex. You will have to explain why his penis gets erect, or as they call it in the medical profession Rock Hard Cock Syndrome (RHCS), when he sees certain things. For instance what if you get this question:

“Daddy, what is cum and what does it mean?”

Your response should be mature and pre planned. Try not to confuse or, heaven forbid, arouse the kid when explaining. I suggest something that will not only answer his question but help him into manhood, like:

“Well, son, you see, cum is a word used by certain people that are deemed ignorant in society, like Spics and Faggots, Niggers and Jews, the real cretins of society, the dregs son, the dregs! This son is cum …”

Then pour the young lad a double Johnny Walker Black neat, instruct him to drink it and say…

“Now son, if the kids in your class say that word around you you just let them know that only a faggot or Kike would say such filth!”

Don’t get me wrong I’m not racist at all but this is a good way to teach him to be a man.

1) the Scotch will immediately put hair on his balls and make him more manly than his classmates.

2) the taste of the scotch and his new found relation with it and cum may prevent binge drinking in the coming years.

3) the biggotry will probably cause him to get his ass whooped a few times and teach him to fight and not to hate people cause of race or religion or sexuality.

BONUS) when one or more of these other kids beats the shit out of your kid for being a littel ignorant biggot you can sue the parents. The racial slurs and such will be just hearsay but the bruises and broken bones will be your case!

This concludes “How to Supplement Your Income By Rearing Your Child”

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you all again next week, take care now!!!

A clip from the movie Happiness

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