Something good about france for a change.

Posted: August 26, 2008 in life
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I figured that since I’ve been bashing the french ALOT  lately, much to the dismay of my best friend (a frenchman but I don’t hold it against him), i would now jot down a quick list of a few things from france that are pretty fuckin’ bad ass. Keep in mind [Nick] it is me so I’m still gonna do me and there will be a few slights, sorry! 🙂

1) Sebastien Loeb – One of the baddest mutha phukkas to climb into a 2.0 liter turbo! For Christ’s sake he makes the Citroen (a shitty french car) look like a beast! Please take a look and keep in mind that a WRC rally driver has never seen or driven a course before the race begins he relies totally on what he sees ahead and the instructions of his navigator who also isn’t allowed to drive the track only map it and walk it….

2) David Belle – Creator of Parkour (or free running). He is a crazy mess, can’t describe it with words very well, he’s almost Bruce Lee swoll, He’s fast as fuck, has a vertical leap to rival some top NBA players, and somehow despite his french heritage has yet to learn the meaning of words like surrender or fear! Again take a look:

3) Architecture (what the Germans didn’t destroy while taking leisurely walks into france) and the museums house some of the world’s best art if you don’t mind long smelly lines and the city with one of the worst issues with beggars, overall france has some very beautiful landmarks and attractions, if only all those frenchmen weren’t there to muttle things up (j/k). Take a look

4) to be added by the readers.. I’m bored with this topic its not funny when you’re being nice.


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