Bartlett, TN = Pornland [updated]

Posted: August 26, 2008 in america, life
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There was a porno shot in Bartlett Grove Park in Bartlett, TN a week or so ago in broad daylight. Local news channel 5 reporter Jason Miles, obviously searches amateur porn so much that it only took him a week to find the video from the time it was posted. Oddly enough no one seems to wonder how he found the video. I know that I personally watch an unhealthy amount of it and I haven’t seen this video.

Now I don’t think its cool to go around flashin’ your whoo whoo in the middle of the afternoon when kids are around. I’m all for public sex, but not in front of kids. The thrill of being caught is an added pleasure but I don’t condone doing it that openly in a place frequented by children. I’ve done it in empty grocery store lots at 10 pm, or at the graveyard in the middle of the day but i don’t try to let kids catch me with my P in the Va G. That said I’d like to see this video lol but the reporter doesn’t say where he found it 😦 .

Anyways, have a blasty blast people enjoy your sexuality and be safe just don’t fuck babies or goats, unless its your goat. Don’t fuck the baby, though, no matter who’s it is!!!!11!1!!!oneone!1

[edit: Foxy Jacky is the actress’ name]

  1. Michael says:

    He probably won’t tell us where he found it because he filmed it and he’s afraid we’ll recognize his voice in it. And you boned in a graveyard? WTF?!?!? I know if I went to visit my granddaddy’s grave and saw someone banging on it, I’d probably beat the hell out of them or at least pull my gun on them and scare the hell out of them.

  2. serdafied says:

    yeah but i was no where near any one! i took the high ground and was on the side of my car so i could see everything but no one could see me. lol

  3. Vastlee says:

    Most people aren’t ok with having sex with or in front of kids. That’s why Anthony never gets laid… ok that’s not why, but it doesn’t help.

  4. Laura Harbin says:

    I think Foxy Jacky took an idea from the Melissa Midwest girl that helped her get her site set up. She got busted not too long ago for indecent exposure and if I had to guess, Jacky probably tipped off the news herself. What’s the saying? There’s no such thing as bad publicity?

    I’m just waiting to see where she strikes next! First the park, then Putt Putt. My money is on one of two places: one of those KFC/Taco Bell combo places or the McDonald’s on Getwell. Maybe she will prove me wrong and show up at a classier place, like the Circle K on South Third. . .

  5. lolpeepz says:

    that’s some daring on-site location filming, that is.

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