S.O.B. the Hilton Nazis have muttled up my internets

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Uncategorized
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so now I can’t get to any sites worth a shit anymore except this one. I was literally on MySpace about 20 minutes ago and all of a sudden it dropped out on me. Now it is blocked by Websense!!!! God frickin dang it!!! Also I can’t access meebo.com so i can’t get on aim or gtalk so that also slows down my performance at work. Youtube is down, I got frickin nothing!!!! So i’ll be watching Next via the DVD drive today. Hopefully Zeh Germans don’t come take my optical drive out as well 😦

I just got this email

Currently NSM is working to rebuild the Websense application due to last night’s websense outage. They expect to have everything back the way it was by the morning. “

maybe the day is looking up yay!!!!

internets is back up and running the world is right again!

  1. marlin says:

    for your aim and gtalk needs, you should download the application pidgin. i’m signed into my aim, gtalk and yahoo accounts through pidgin. you can download it at http://pidgin.im/

  2. marlin says:

    also, i don’t know what you make working at hilton, but there’s an open spot here at alsac and practically nothing is blocked here. i can get on pidgin, myspace, facebook, digg, youtube, cyanide & happiness, xkcd, etc.

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