Have you ever heard of unbiased reporting?

Posted: August 19, 2008 in america, life, manliness
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first of all this is a very old video i stumbled upon…

Well apparently the Republican party isn’t hiding it. The only person shown from the Gov’t was a democrat and she didn’t know much, as was the point in showing her interview. I guarantee if you select most Reps in the House you will find that most of them have very little information on military operations. Its called compartmentalizing, “need to know James Bond shit” for the the common man. Breach of Operational Security gets Americans killed, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!! People know too much in America as it is. During the Cold War we didn’t know but 2 things about the MiG, Jack and Shit, and Jack left town. We had to research that jet as though we were building it, and I guarantee you the specs for it weren’t available to every member of the Politiburo, much the public like with our war machines. America has more information on our military’s actions than we need as it is. She doesn’t know anything and can’t find out for a reason … you ready? …. Positive? … it’s not her FUCKING JOB to know everything!!

Now to attack this Ass-Hat:

“…is headed by a right-wing, Christian, conservative, bank roller of President Bush and his allies…”

Wow thats hardcore slander from the mouth of a cocksucker! that is so ignorant AND arrogant to think you should know everything going on at all times. sorry mates but i’ve gone and gotten tanked before i could finish this post so Pt2 1ill be availble in the coming days…


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