Laws binding the law while the criminals play without rules!

Posted: August 13, 2008 in america, life, manliness
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AP –

HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. – “Officers armed with military rifles have been stopping and questioning passers-by in a neighborhood plagued by violence that’s been under a 24-hour curfew for a week.

Police Chief Fred Fielder said the patrols have netted 32 arrests since they began last week in a 10-block neighborhood”

That is a good thing, right? The area is among the worst in the nation in living standards due to poverty. Crime is so bad that people sleep on their floors at night in an attempt to dodge stray bullets. The ACLU of course want the curfew lifted, citing it is unconstitutional, and is unfair to the innocent people who live there. I’m sorry but if I live in that neighborhood the least of my worries is being inconvenienced by police who are cleaning up the streets where my family lives! If you stop and question me thats fine, I have nothing to hide, no drugs, no illegal firearms, nothing! So why would anyone complain. They haven’t as far as I can tell. The Police have arrested at least 10 people with felony counts of drug possession and possession of illegal firearms. Some of the dealers are carrying crack cocaine and AK-47s, yes i want them off the streets ASAP, BAMN! (as soon as possible, by any means necessary)

The ACLU and the Mayor had this exchange:

Daily World –

“Such curfews have never been allowed under the laws of the United States, barring riot, insurrection, or natural disaster,” ACLU attorney Holly Dickson wrote in a letter to the mayor Friday. “Not one case has ever allowed for the imposition of searches, seizures and house arrest against innocent citizens because of the high crime rate in a particular city.”
Valley said he was not concerned about the ACLU.
“I invite them to move in on Second Street and be up all night with people shooting at them,” Valley said. “That’s my comment to them.”

the article goes on to state the reason the curfew was set:

The curfew follows what authorities and residents say was a feud early last week after a man released from jail refused to pay several dollars back to a neighbor. A group of men jumped the ex-inmate and fired guns into the air and into homes, mostly after dark, residents and authorities said. Some people slept on the floors of their homes for fear of being struck by stray bullets.
The man and his buddies retaliated — with guns, as well — turning the already high-crime neighborhood into what residents said sounded for a few nights like a combat zone.
Resident Brenda Kelly said she was happy the mayor’s curfew was in place.
“Since this began, it’s more quiet and peaceful around here,” she said. “I think they’re doing a wonderful job.”

The Police are patrolling the area with M-16 and M-4 automatic rifles and short-barreled shotguns, stopping foot, bicycle, horse, atv, motorcycle, car, and any other form of transportation. They are checking for people who need to be off the streets its a small price to pay to be able to sleep in your beds at night, rather than on the floor for fear of being shot through your wall.

People who complain about police action often times have reason to complain i.e. criminal activity. Only time I’ve ever complained about a roadblock was when I was scared to go through it. Only time I ever got mad about being pulled over is when I KNEW I was getting a ticket, which I often didn’t because they just want me to slow down not rob me! The police are not “out to get you”, unless you’re a criminal in which case they are out to get you, and I sincerely hope they do! Crime in our region is staggering. Violent crimes are through the roof. I think it all goes back to the root of all evil drug trafficking! but that is for my next post!

The police are the police, not us, let them do their job and show them some respect, please.

  1. KY says:

    The world is full of ignorant people. Unless extreme punishment is enforced, the curfew won’t help. These criminals aren’t scared of jail; it won’t deter their actions. I fully agree with the curfew for the time being, but I don’t feel it will make a difference in the end.

  2. Michael says:

    I fully support the curfew. There’s really no reason to object to it. I remember one night about 2 or 3 years ago, there was an AMBER alert out in Southaven and police had road blocks set up all over the place. I went out driving at the time because I was bored, but tried to avoid the areas where the police were supposed to be centered around so as not to get in their way. I ended up running into a road block anyway. The police officer said something to me briefly and then walked right back to my tailgate, opened it, and looked inside with his flashlight. Now from what I know, he didn’t have the legal right to do that without my consent, which he never asked for. But you know what? I didn’t care and I didn’t complain to him or anyone else because there was a kidnapped girl out there that needed to be found. I didn’t have anything to hide so I wasn’t going to worry over what may have been a minor violation of my rights. Who knows? Maybe he did have the legal right to do that. But either way, I had no problem with him doing so given the situation.

  3. serdafied says:

    my point exactly! Quit trying to police the police. Let them serve us, they can’t do that with us constantly breathing up their collective asshole telling them they can’t do this cause its not fair. FUCK fair. The war on crime is a war and the other side is playing without rules. So within moral reason we need to start playing by the same set of rules!

  4. Michael says:

    Yeah, plus it’s worth a mention that the criminals are violating more civil rights than can be imagined with their actions. But the ACLU’s not worried about that. They’re only worried about the rights that are violated in the process of helping the neighborhoods and keeping them safe.

  5. Grosjean says:

    First of all, I do support the curfew. The ACLU can say that it is a violation of human rights, but you can violate my rights as long as i wake up the next morning. My only thing with J and Mike is that the police are the ones enforcing the curfew, they are not the ones who put the ordinance into a vote. This is a case of them doing what they are told, and very bravely I will say cause my ass would not be around that neighborhood, but this is not a case where people are saying the police are doing something wrong. It is plain fucking ridiculous they we basically have an Iraq one state over, these fuckers need to grow the fuck up. I know I would not be thrilled that I would not be able to leave the house, but I DEFINITELY KNOW that I would not be thrilled if I was sitting in my house playing fucking yahtzee and I got shot by some dumb fucks who were shooting people over a few dollars. It is a sad and unfortunate truth, but it is a truth…this curfew is needed, hopefully this will not have to go on much longer…PEACE!!!

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