Take that france!!!! (always talking shit)

Posted: August 12, 2008 in america, life, sports, Uncategorized
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After the damn dirty frenchmen had to run mouth that they were going to “smash the Americans” who were underdogs in the event, they got to stand where they belong…below us!! Listening to the beatiful sound that is the Star Spangled Banner!!
Best part the announcers as America took the win:
“Who’s talkin’ now?”
“Ha ha ha”
“I think they need to use another word other than SMASH.”
“On the other end of things you got Benard, who did the talkin’, and he’s not sayin’ much right now.”
Also here is a widget you can check for updates on the USA swim team. Phelps has a chance to become the winningest Olympic Athlete of all time!!!

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  1. Grosjean says:

    Just to let you know (and you know i am going for USA) that Bernard was mainly referring to the 100m freestyle, i know he was including the relay, but the US was never close to being the underdogs, they just sandbagged in qualifying and everyone knows that. So watch tonight when Bernard races in the 100m freestyle, but i think that damn aussie might beat him. Come on J, are you losing that much interest, France and Paris Hilton. Let us speak of matters which concern us.

  2. Grosjean says:

    If anything the Italians coming in 3rd was the upset, USA won by 8 hundredths of a second its not like the ran away with it…ANY team with Michael Phelps is never the underdog, i know France was favored, but we were not the underdog…but i do agree Bernard should have kept his fucking mouth shut and just swam, but us french have a bad habit of having to eat our words.

  3. serdafied says:

    “but us french have a bad habit of having to eat our words.”

    Yes that is true and I’m glad you’re starting to see the light on france not being a proper place and therefore not deserving of proper noun treatment lol

    also if you say you’re going to do something then you don’t do it you deserve to be bashed or in this case “smashed” on

    I plan on writing a more substantial post soon but time restraints have been eating my ass up between being up all night watching live tv from China and work being busy as hell

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