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Sport – an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition.

AthleteA sportsperson (British and American English) or athlete (principally American English) is any person who participates regularly in a sport.

What is a sport?

What are the determining factors for declaring something a sport?

What defines an athlete?

What determines an athletic sport?

I’ve had this discussion with my friends on several occasions and it always goes the same way. It usually goes downhill when we get o the part about an athlete and what is an athletic sport and what is not.

For instance the question usually derives from my belief that Racing Drivers are athletes. They physically exert themselves in an extreme condition during the course of a race, the same way if not more so than an MLB pitcher or a NHL goalie. They compete for prizes, but most of all for titles just like a NFL linebacker or a NBA point guard. Yet my friends refuse to recognize them as athletes and my Dad won’t even recognize the event as a sport. My friend once used the logic, they are not athletes because they are not athletic. But what is Athletic?

Athletic – relating to or befitting athletics or athletes.

So if an Athlete is someone who participates in sport regularly, wouldn’t it be athletic to compete in sports on a regular basis? I.E. a Racing Driver!!

If someone who compete in Olympic Shotput can be called an athlete the world over then someone who has to drive upwards of 3 Gs for hours on end every week while mentally doing so many calculations that we can’t fathom how its possible and science can’t explain it, why can they not be athletes as well?

I scientist once examined Michael Schumacher’s reaction time and compared it to that of a novelist. They were almost identical, in fact almost everyone has the same reaction time. The difference is their minds and bodies are trained and have a god given talent making them genetically predisposed to that skill set. If you got in a rally car and tried to blast through a gravel road in the middle of a jungle at 100 mph, I’m guessing you hit a tree rather quickly. Cause as you check the turn coming up and the surface of that turn, the speed you can carry, amount of brakes to apply, rather or not to pull the e brake, what gear you should be in, the angle to leave the turn, and when to jump back on the throttle. THEN you have to do it!! Not only can someone like the Late Colin McRae do it but while u were thinking about the next turn he was already contemplating 3 turns ahead. They say that at any given single turn Michael Shumacher will make approx. 120 corrections. It is also widely known that during races where some drivers would be talking intensicely about the race and the car or not talking at all! He would talk about random things while making a record breaking run almost like its all sub-conscience to him.

Sorry got on a rant there. thought it was amazing!

Anyway they are athletes and i don’t know anyone who could withstand the physical stress of a 500 mile race at 180 mph, i don’t know many people who can drive 500 miles without a break or switching it up in a comfy car with A/C and a cushy seat! When atthe end of the sporting event you have crystalized salt on your collar from the dried sweat then god damnit you’re a athlete!!!!

  1. Grosjean says:

    You know how i feel about this…These fuckers are definitely athletes, most drivers work out just as much as other athletes in other sports, the only difference is that people see big ball players in various sports and compare them to drivers. A driver does not need to be 6’8 295 pounds to drive, but like you said he has to be able to withstand 500 miles at 190 mph and 2-3 g’s, while sitting in a 120 degree car and in a firesuit that adds 20 degrees. Go do it and tell me it is easy, also most drivers participated in plenty of sports before choosing driving. These are athletes…period. Also J, if your dad fails to recognize it as a sport, ask him about golf. All they have to do is walk. Look at John Daly, Craig Stadler, and the other big round golfers. I do not believe they could even fit in a race care, much less survive the race. Like you all know, my cousin races in NASCAR. Not only does he lift weights and run 2 miles a day, but he also played 4 years of high school baseball, football, and basketball, succeeding very well in all three, that is an athlete…PEACE!!!

  2. Michael says:

    So if a sport is “an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition,” then are talent shows and battles of the bands considered sporting events?

  3. serdafied says:

    That’s fine with me! So long as you say that Racing Drivers are athletes then i’ll say a rock star is an athlete so long as its competition and they do it regularly

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