Ronald Jenkees is the Man! (reminds me or Mr. Ford)

Posted: August 6, 2008 in music
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My friend at work came across this cat on the YouTube today and linked me to it.

He’s using FL studio to make the base beat in the background and then looping it while playing the keyboards, he’s like a freestyle DJ with no turntables. He may or may not be on the short bus, but either way the doods got MAD skiilz!!

check him out on

  1. mistah jay says:

    wow, that’s really amazing. it sounds a lot like a Commodore 64, I love chiptunes!

  2. mistah jay says:

    Watched more of his stuff… man, If I hit my head and became retarded, I would hope that I was this guy. He could pay the bills with those skills!

  3. ydolem says:

    damn that is awesome.

  4. Dupree Sauls says:

    Please sell this to Kanye West or somthing…… should be a Billionair…..i wanna see you on BET MTV and vh1 by next year and CNN

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