Mr. Freeman will be ok!!!!

Posted: August 4, 2008 in cars, life, movies
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After a violent car crash late last night Morgan Freeman, a.k.a. Baddest mutha phukka alive Freeman, was airlifted along with his passenger to The Med in Memphis. Freeman, an Oscar winning actor, went off the rode and flipped a 1997 Nissan Maxima several times and had to be cut from the car. He was said to be awake and in a playful manner when the EMS teams arrived. He suffered minor injuries and looks to be fine after having been listed as “Serious Condition” earlier today. A broken arm and shoulder have been released to the press along with this: Business partner Bill Luckett of Clarksdale said Freeman was in good spirits. “He’s worried about his golf swing,” Luckett said.

Guess he’s gonna be all right, which means I don’t have to boycott Nissan.

Long Live Morgan Freeman best actor of our generation!!

  1. Michael says:

    Would you have called him best actor of our generation if he hadn’t been in a horrible car crash last night?

  2. serdafied says:

    Yes! I’ve always said he is one of the best actors of all time! Not only is he a Bad ass but he’s from here. So i heart him in a totally non gay way.

  3. marlin says:

    that crash happened not too far from where my girlfriend lives. we were on the way to her house that night, so if we had been on the road at the same time, we probably would have seen the wreck. we were on the road about 30 minutes before he was. crazy stuff.

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