Some people make funny videos on purpose…others meanwhlie do it by accident!

Posted: July 30, 2008 in comedy, life
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accident: Think dirty lol it comes natural to me. Just think of what you would eant to hear from an asian chick at a bar!!! enjoy!


OK so you wanna put your tits in a box? wait what? Shove my little penis into your mouth and blow on it till i give you a stinky necklace? do what in a bowl? ok now you’re juggling, are you juggling your titties or my balls you’re losing me Spasian! (thats a Space-Asian btw) wait wait you wanna juggle everyone’s balls? Jerk off my whole crew? We all have little stinky dick that you want to shove inside your chest!?! Blow 2 guys at a time and finger your ass? whoa lady you are a freak! I LOVE THIS BAR!!! Whoa whoa slow down slow down you’re losing me ok something about someone jumped on you and you slit their throat, ok wait you’re deaf what do you mean u heard the police coming? Ok, blood went everywhere and you’re a Samurai? you’re not making sense! Does anyone here know what this Crasian is talking about (crazy-Asian) ? I’m about to explode!

And I lost track and interest at around 50 seconds in!

  1. mistah jay says:

    yeah, that was doubly offensive.

  2. Michael says:

    God… if I ever make it to the point in the FBI hiring process where they interview friends and family and such, they’re going to mark me off the list of consideration simply for knowing you. lol

  3. Matt says:

    Wow, for some reason i want to fuck that deasian (deaf-asian)

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