What is Excessive Force?

Posted: July 29, 2008 in life, manliness
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I’m tired of people bitching and moaning about police brutality criminals and friends and families of criminals bitching and moaning about police brutality! Not to mention the fucking liberal cock sucker citizens that try to police the police.

If you are breaking the law you kind put yourself in that position.

Excessive is a very relative term. If youre a male police officer weighing in at 230 lbs and standing at 6’4″ and the suspect is a 5’3″ 112 lb (drunk) female the taser probably would register as excessive! But if she is being aggressive by all means mace that bitch! No matter what a civilian should never initiate contact with an officer of the law, if he/she does then they should expect to be dealt with swiftly and brutaly!

When it’s excessive its clear to everyone its excessive. We don’t need someone to tell us. If 4 cops beat the everliving FUCK out of a crack head that runs from the cops and doesn’t want to go to jail and fights the cuffs…fuck him he’s a crack head! If someone is trying to buy a TV at BestBuy.com with my credit card information i would LOVE to see 3 police officers bust the door down mac and taser the fuck while the 3rd hits him repeatedly in the ribs with a baton! Fuck him he’s a criminal! We don’t need some fucking left hand jerk off policing our police departments! Let the men do their jobs, its stressful enough!

Respect Law enforcement and show respect to them and i guarantee you they will respect you. I’ve done my share of dumb shit and gotten arrested, and will say maybe 3% of police are power hungry assholes! The rest are there to do 2 things support themselves and families, and protect YOU!!

More firefighters are bad people than police but the fire departments get all the respect!

No one attacks the EMT or give him respect either but they are just as important, underpaid, and overworked!

They all care about you! show a little fucking respect America!!

People get excited and pissed off when you talk about how much of a worthless no talent bunch of classless trailer trash whores the Spears family is. Yet no one wants to defend the ordinary men and women who protect us everyday!

Treat ordinary people extraordinary, and extraordinary people ordinary!

  1. Nick says:

    Fuck, that police are the lowest level of authority, but they think they are the highest. Yes, their job is to protect and serve, not fucking harass. I know that there are good cops, but most of them don’t know that line not to cross. Also, there are so many policemen in little ass places and quiet cities that do not have to do shit, and then in the big crime ridden cities in which they do need to put their life on the line daily, the fuckers become more corrupt than the people they are arresting. Police brutality is a huge problem and that is a fact. Like you said, their job is to serve us, not use 6 different weapons because they have them. Just because someone says a cuss word does not mean cops can pull out their fucking pepper spray or hit them with a baton. It is their responsibility to earn our respect, it does not come cause your dumbass went to 2 years of college and a 4 month course and a badge. I agree with your opinion on EMTs, but the police have to be policed, no other way to it….PEACE

  2. Matt says:

    Let me show you how much I care about you by hitting you in the head with a club!

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