Guest author Michael: So when did it become a fad to raise your girl to be a manipulative attention whore?

Posted: July 28, 2008 in life, manliness
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Just wondering…because it seems like at least 75.3471% of girls fit that description. Where are they getting this from? I don’t believe they’ve always been this way. Where are they learning this and how did this begin?

As I’m typing this, I’m developing a theory. In the past, society was very conservative when it came to sex…even making out or holding hands. As time has passed, people have become more liberal when it comes to relationships and sex. People are much more open about it, which means girls have learned their potential for control in this aspect at younger and younger ages. This was something that in the age of sexual conservatism they had little or no conception of unless they learned it from firsthand experience. And even if you were aware of the sexual control that you had, behaving in a teasing way would be considered completely whorish and be frowned upon back then. Now this behavior is only rewarded by parents who dismiss this it with, “oh, kids will be kids,” and a society that has become so accustomed to the openness of the subject that it’s nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of girls can’t resist using this power to fuel their own egos and string guys along like toys.

Damn, I think I’ve figured it out. Not only that, but I’ve just come up with yet another reason why liberalism sucks ass.

Written by Michael

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  1. Grosjean says:

    Alright Mike, there is no damn reason to bring wonderful liberalism into the world of insane sirens who are trying to tear apart the fabric of life (men being men). In fact, you can say it helps our cause, conservatives are the ones who believe in the “High school, college, and then children along with marriage” cyclical life theory. We are liberating ourselves from that, so don’t always hate on free will. It is the free will that is allowing us to stand up and say fuck it, liberally lol!!! PEACE NIGGAS

  2. Virgil Hart says:

    I agree, entirely, we should line the liberals up and shoot them.

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