Journey us a oretty good band, eh.

Posted: July 26, 2008 in life

I think someone rearranged the keys cause I can’t type for shit!!! Well, it’s either that or I’m still drunk as FUCK!! Thanks to this word counter i know I am typing a blaginf 30 words per 2 minutes lol  (i think lol is a punctuation).

Any way this is what i remember, could al be my imagination but who knows.


I sucked…till I got drunk, then I was pretty accurate when it came to the tossing of aquestrian footwear! Ronnie and nick were undefeated in their last 8 games,*enters the villian* , that comes to a crashing halt after i hit the reggie miller shot to beat Duey and Tex (more on Tex Later why is later capped? because i think it is important). with the score 21-18 and I hold the only horseshoe left i need a ringer or me and John get to sit!…………………………………………….RINGER BITCH!!! After that we defeated Nick and Ronnie the first game, Duey cam in as a replacment cause John had t leave and we lost the 2nd. Ronie and I were pretty damn good so i assumed we’d be unbeatable…we weren’t. then the journey!

Journey (not the band but just as good)

Tex and I are in my car, I;m drunk and driving….why is this happening…this is what i remember so far. I hit a car almost got in a fight with Andy morse cause the car was his lady’s i broke down twice after that i passed out. probablt a lot more story in there but my head hurts this screen is bright and I’m pretty sure I’m still SHITFACED!!!

Laters bitches and bitchettes!!!!11!!one one

“P.S. <= this is what a portion of the alphabet would look like if R and Q were removed”

– Mitch Hedberg

the man wanted to have a dash by his name and in death many things resolve themselves


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