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Posted: July 25, 2008 in cars
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First up

Mexican car manufacturer, that’s right Mexicans can build things not made from brick, Mastretta is seeking release of their new MXT sportscar in US and UK markets.

This from AUTOWEEK

“Emerging Mexican carmaker Mastretta used the London motor show to announce ambitious plans to sell 80 of its mid-engine MXT sports cars in Great Britain in a full year of production, starting in 2009.

Mastretta, better known for its bus- and car-design business and its kit cars, is meeting with British officials to start the process of getting low-volume approval for the 240-hp, supercharged MXT.

A company spokesman says the process could take until the end of the year, opening up the possibility for sales in 2009.”

The article goes on to say the U.S. sales will be done as personal imports with the cars being built in Mexico!

Like the cars we drive today aren’t built in Mexico anyway.

The MXT is a pretty sleek looking 2-seater roadster. With a smaller stature than a Porsche Cayman it is likely to compete with the Lotus Exige for the GFFGK award (Giant Fast Fucking Go-Kart). The MKT is packing a 2.0l supercharged Duratec 4 cyl engine pushing 240 bhp and a top speed on the exciting side of 150. With the cars minimal size and low aggressive stance it should be a direct rival with glued-to-the-road feel of the Exige. It looks pretty sweet too i might add. I love orange cars.

Next up


GM is testing the new Camaro with a Turbo 4 cyl set up in hopes of finding a fuel efficient version as the fuel prices don’t seem to be slipping in the right direction. They are trying to retain performance with the 4 cyl engine, which is the 2.0l  powerplant from the Solstice and Sky roadsters, but the problem is that a 260hp 4 cyl is still using near as much fuel as the 300hp 6 cyl in the base model. GM product chief Bob Lutz, in an interview at the London car show, says “The power was similar, the vehicle was the same, so not surprisingly, the fuel economy was also very similar,”. Sounds like old Bob is scared the Camaro won’t sell in today’s market ($4+/gal).

Ford is looking to merge their performance monikers from either side of the pond. CEO Alan Mulally is requesting that Jost Capito, big boss in the Euro performance division of Ford, to work out the kinks and try to get the SVT badge of American origin to combine with the RS and ST stickers used in the UK. The 2 collaborated with the Focus SVT (known as the ST170 in England) and sold the car with different badging. My opinion is that the performance cars that the RS models are pumping out in the UK would sell like hot cakes in the States. I personally don’t care if the back says SVT, RS, ST, or SHiT so long as it is better than the performance tuner cars Ford is putting out now, or lack there of.

In a related story the new Focus RS is slated to hit the production floor by spring of next year. The car is touted as churning out around 275 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque from a 5 cyl powerplant. Expect the WRC Ford team to make a run in the new model with the Evo X and new STi models proving a bit hard to work with for the driver. Here’s a look of a Ford press photo.

British sportscar maker of Bond status, Lotus, has unveiled its new model to replace the Elise and Exige. The car maker has been referring to the care as the Eagle for months now, and at the London car show that didn’t stop. The press guides were stamped with the name Lotus Eagle. Not until the car finally rolled out did the world hear the true name … Evora (that’s more like it). The name is supposedly a mash up of Evolution and Aura. Personally I think the car has a case of the “angles”. The profile is nice but it has the same ass and the face is a little common place, not an ugly car but not a supermodel either. Aside from an updated body the car is also receiving a 3.5l V6 expected to put out around 275 hp. Also word on the street is Lotus is working on a forced induction version of the car, rumor says supercharged, that will crank out well over 300 hp. Here is the good angle …

A challenger has emerged, not not the Dodge, in the form of a 700 hp electric supercar! Rumors have been floating around that Lighting Car Company (LCC) of Britain was building such a beast, and they are now CONFIRMED! LCC has unveiled its shiny new, corvette/Aston Martinesque supercar at the British Int’l Motorcar Show today. With a price tag in the 150,000 pound range (double that in $ plus import taxes and whatnot) there is one adjective that won’t be used .. CHEAP! The car will however be a testament to things to come. It is powered by a motor in each wheel, and with no need for axles, driveshafts, flywheels, etc. there is no real power loss and is an AWD system that instantly delivers every lung collapsing lb-ft of torque instantly to the ground. It is expected to be running 0-60 in under 4 seconds. Sounds interesting. A couple shots …

ANY news from Japan? Nissan is making a GTR, have you heard about that? thought so. That about covers it.

  1. wtfox says:

    Yeah, I didn’t read any of that. but I enjoyed the pictures. 🙂

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