late night bitching about an old movie.

Posted: July 23, 2008 in books, movies

btw i’m in the dark i have a broken shift key so shit on capitalization. and excuse spelling please

i know i’m about 6 years late on this, due to my hatred for ben affleck, but i watched sum of all fears just now.

it was a pretty good movie if you do not read any jack ryan novels by tom clancy.

in the jack ryan novels sum of all fears takes place after clear and present danger, which was also a movie starring THE harrison ford, now in clear and present danger jack ryan, played by the ford, was married and had a 7 year old daughter and a toddler son.
sum of all fears takes place after this!

in the movie sum of all fears jack ryan is only on his 3rd date with kathy his wife and mother of his children in the previous story.

the screenplay was written by paul attanasio the same dood that wrote the screenplay for donnie brasco which was a great fucking movie.

how did tom clancy not take 2 steps back and shove his bot up dood’s ass with a running start! how did he let him make a movie that shit all over the damn timeline!! dood might as well have changed the names of the characters so as not to piss me off!! the only saving grace for this movie is how BAD ASS morgan freeman is. and they fucking killed him 3/4 through so the rest was shit. again if you haven’t read any of the jack ryan stories then you may enjoy this movie as an original film.

i always bitch about people who bitch about a book/movie that doesn’t follow the book closely enough, like da vinci code which was a good movie and a good book seperately but when compared you’re like WTF? but with da vicni code it at least kept the time and relationships of the characters together. and da vinci code was only one book a story starts and ends in the book and movie. sum of all fears was part of a collection of stories and was set in the middle. hlly wood set it back at beginning and said fuck the readers who came to see the movie cause it was a good book. they didn’t even try.

now i have no beef with leiv schreiber as john clark, the REAL bad ass of the ryan novels, other than the fact that in the timeline clark should’ve been much older.

ben affleck as jack ryan however i do have a problem with. he hams up evewrything he puts his silly little paws on.
shit even jennifer garner is getting fat!

i only hope that in the without remorse movie adaptation hollywood doesn’t shit all over the time line. they can make it a period peiece. they don’t have to take a story set in 69 and update it to fit in 2009 like they did to sum of all fears. they need to take it back and set it in ’69 baltimore. i want to see the roadrunner chasing the scout through the slums of baltimore. not a 2009 dodge charger chasing a ford explorer. i want to see a young 20-something psychopathic john clark sneaking into ‘nam and back and into drug dens slitting throats and executing drug dealers on teh streets not some random ock infiltratting iraq or some current battleground.

please hollywood don’t shit on tom clancy.

and tom clancy if you smell jewish ass juice get the fuck out of dodge and take the rights to your best book with you!!


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