How in the hell…

Posted: July 23, 2008 in cars, life
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So I’m moving along about 55 mph, in the image moving from right to left, entering the corner,and I says to myself I says, “Self. wana see if the rear end comes out a little around this bitch?”. keep in mind it was a slight drizzle out. them myself responds he says, “yeah why the fuck not?” “hey right foot get the fuck ouf that throttle and tell your hand buddies to cut into the turn a litle!”. So he does.

Half asleep and on a curve where my friend crushed his femur in a wreck on his CBR1000rr I try to do a baby FWD drift. The throttle backs off, weight shifts ever so slightly to thr front wheels sucking the rear wheel traction along with it. The rear wheels start to give in to nature and come out to the side to see what the fuck is going on up front. SO far so good, all according to plan. Then the back tires says to to me “Hey fuck stick! I’m coming up there god damnit!” and it all goes to shit!

Here i am drowsy and bored enjoying a little baby slide around a rather dangerous onramp (no trafic mind you) when the rear end comes out and all the sudden i’m staring down hill at the crater in the middle of the ramp. Not really sure at this point what to do to hold the drift in a FWD car so i go driving school on that bitch and cut in harder and let the spin bring me ’round. Much to my suprise and dismay i’m now facing the guardrail and still not really in control. So, me being me,  I do something stupid. Realizing i’m on both the brake and clutch and am in a fucking freefall I react, poorly, and drop it in 3rd and let out the clutch getting on the gas. Somehow by the grace of God the front tires catch immediately and bring me th rest opf the way around. Then I brake to a complete stop on the on ramp, forgetting the clutch and stalling, and sit there with not so fresh undies!

I have to back up cause I’v actually came right ’round and amd facing the damn hill again. I back up and just drive off. The Mazdaspeed lives to die another day.

  1. wtfox says:

    Yeah, I have to say. I LOL’d. That’s right….I LOL’d hard. It was probably like this:


    nice touch with the googlemap. it proved to be an adequate visual aid.

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