Calling Men back to the Foreground!

Posted: July 23, 2008 in america, life, manliness
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CALLING ALL MEN! WE’RE UNDER ATTACK! Answer the call of your fellow men and stand up for what is ours!!

We must reclaim and forever retain our manliness! Stop the Pussifcation of America’s Men!

C.S.P.A.M. is the Coalition to Stop the Pussification of the American Male.

join my group and help combat the evil estrogen train thats running us over.

Women use the power of sex to control how men live their lives:

Tanning in a fucking easy bake oven cause chicks don’t like pale guys…Pussified

Wearing bullshit clothes you don’t like and driving cars you can’t afford cause chicks want you too…Pussified

If women can have the Feminist movement then it is out god given right as men to stand up for manliness. I encourage you to join C.S.P.A.M.
in our quest for American Manliness!!

http://groups. myspace. com/CSPAM

  1. Tommy says:

    Join or be castrated!!

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