A call to arms!

Posted: July 23, 2008 in america, life, manliness
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The time IS now!

For too long men have stood aside allowing women everywhere. I will agree that some things are great and i am proud that we as a nation allow such equal ground, but enough is enough. What is next? WNFL?

Women deserve a lot of the freedoms they have (shouldn’t have had to be earned) earned over the last 50 years. I firmly believe in a woman’s right to vote, they are American and should be able to help decide our leaders. Women have made such large advances in such a short span of time they have become “equality hungry”. In their quest for equality they have actually sneaked in under the radar and flipped the tables. “Sexist” is a word created by a woman for women to make men look and feel like shit for doing things that they as women do openly. It is just as much if not more so our fault than theirs. We, as men, have given them too much power. The Vagina is worth more than all the gold in Ft. Knox. Men in general have weighted the Vagina and allowed women to realize their real power. The power to control reproduction and the sex lives of American men is as real and absolute a power as anything else.

We need to as men stand up and show that we too can control that world, we too can “wage war” against the oppressive force of the opposite sex. We have been stapled down by the agenda of the feminist “politically correct” generation that says we can’t say women are bitches but we are all assholes. Why is that if a woman grabs a man’s ass in the bar it is, not only socially acceptable, but smiled upon? Yet if a man were to do the same to even a promiscuous woman he would be slapped and the same action derives an entirely different reaction from the masses.

Sex is but one area where the “equality” has ended in inequity for men. Women have gained the social edge and now dictate style and dress of men. Men who do this are our enemy. Men who base their wardrobe and what some random drunk broad in a bar who he could probably bury dick in for the price of the 2 drink minimum are our FOES! Some men dress the way they want because, well because they are MEN.
the time has come, Gents. Take a cue from the Christians, it is time to force manliness down the throat of America

MEN do what they want when they want within the law and the good will of others. Men do not seek out to harm or belittle others rather they be cowards or women or foreign, we simply should look out for the best interests of our families and friends. Men are the protectors of this great Nation and everyone within. Our rights must be fought for.

We MUST i repeat MUST band together to STOP the PUSSIFICATION of the AMERICAN MALE!

The time has come to stand and fight, take back our culture, take back our way of life!


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