Dearest Katrina,

I want to preface this letter with the admission that I am not perfect for, or even nearly worthy of what I have been blessed with. I have made countless mistakes in our relationship and continue to make them. I do, however, attempt to learn from each of them. While I do consider myself a smart man, I do not confuse my intellect and wit with wisdom. I know that I have a long journey ahead of me if I wish to be the husband and friend and lover that you so justly deserve. I would like to take these opening words as an opportunity to pledge my undying love to you, my perpetual quest for your happiness, and to state my eternal pursuit of the perfection I lack in terms of giving you the love, attention, care, and affection I feel you have bestowed upon me.

I have lived a tumultuous life that has led me to some of the darker corners of despair and self loathing as well as showing me what it feels like to truly be loved and admired by your friends and family. That very same life has also taught me the difference between lust, love, admiration, and casual affection; both for myself and for the women who have preceded you. I acknowledge and understand your trepidation and your self conscious approach to our relationship. We have lived very different lives up to this point. My goal is to show you, through words, actions, and even the simplest smile as I stare into your eyes that you are my savior and all I could ever want. You have shown me the light of a fulfilling life. You came into my life at probably my lowest point. You shunned me and moved on, but by grace of God or fate, you gave me a second chance. That second chance has taught me that mercy and forgiveness is real. I do not believe I can ever convey how much this has meant to me.

Not long after we began this life long journey together, I lost someone very dear to me. That loss would have crippled me and more than likely would have sent me spiraling back into that pit of abuse and self loathing I had so recently ascended from had it not been for your love. Your shoulder, though you may feel it was timid or unsteady, provided me a rock, a foundation, upon which to steady my legs and begin building a life my sister and myself can be proud of. My loss of my little sister came at a time, as unfortunate and seemingly unjust as it may still feel to this day, that I finally had someone that could prop me up and help me stand tall. I will be forever grateful of your presence in my darkest hour.

I was hit again with loss and my world was shaken when my grandmother, who served as a second mother to me for the majority of my life left this mortal plane. Again, you stood by my side. You were there when I needed you, despite your own anxiety and inner turmoil. You stood strong, offering, perhaps unknowingly, precisely what I needed for me to be the rock for those who shared my mourning. I could not have been as strong and sure headed in the death of either my Nanny or my little sister had you not stood by my side, holding my hand, and crying the tears I so desperately fought to hold back for the sake of my family. For the entirety of my existence, be it mortal or in the afterlife, I will be forever grateful and in your debt for this.

You’ve seen my dark and my bright sides. You’ve seen the love, the laughter, the tears, the torment, the screaming nightmares…and every single time you’ve not shied away from the task of comforting me. You have given me hope for the future, love that will endure the roughest of times, and the desire to be a better man; the man you deserve.

If I can have only one thing in this life it is that you know, fully and without question, what you mean to me. You are my guardian angel. You are my heart. You are the tissue that wipes the tears away when I can’t hold back the pain, and you are the blanket that warms me when the world grows cold around me. When I feel troubled, you steady me. When I feel weak, you strengthen me. I know that we do not have a perfect marriage, but in my eyes that is not a negative, but rather a foundation to build upon. I chose our wedding day, no big ceremony and only one in attendance (because my dad is a sneaky bastard), because it would give me the solace of knowing that while Jennifer’s birthday may never be celebrated the same, I will always have that day to look forward to as joyous occasion. It will give my family something to celebrate even a decade after we laid her to rest. You didn’t fight that choosing, you embraced it, while many women would likely be jealous or hate the idea of sharing a wedding anniversary with such a powerful and potentially painful day. Again, you were my rock.

Little Olivia has been a blessing for us both, and our families as well. She is beautiful and smart, and with every passing day grows to be even more so. She has strengthened my resolve to be, not only the best husband, but now the best father I can be. I see you with her, and while you sometimes may think I’m buried in my phone, or a comic book, or the computer, I can assure you that I am watching, listening, and otherwise taking in the bond you two share. When I look at our daughter, despite what my friends and family may say, I see you. I see that unrelenting love in her eyes. I see your smile. I see your confidence. You may think you aren’t confident or that you are in over your head sometimes, but, darling, I have seen nothing but the opposite. You are a tremendous mother and wife and grow stronger and better at both with every moment passed. Our troubles will pass and we will grow stronger because of them.

With each passing day I love you more deeply and any doubt that you and I weren’t meant for one another becomes more fleeting and withers away. Again, you are my rock. You are the foundation for the man I wish to be. You will forever be my one true love.

As you read this I ask but one favor of you: never doubt yourself, never think you aren’t good enough or that you are lacking in any way. You are a beautiful, smart, sincere, and sweet woman. As such you have made me the luckiest man in the world. You’ve given me a second chance at life. You’ve given me a life to be proud of. More to the point, you’ve given me a life to fight, claw, and bleed to deserve and to hold onto.

Until they lay me in the ground I will never let go of your love, for I cannot imagine a single hour without your affection. I cannot fathom the pain and despair that would surely follow the moment I ever lost you. For that I am eternally grateful and shall do my best to be ever vigilant in its preservation. I love you, honey bee, from now until the stars go dark.

Love, your husband and friend,



Aidan’s Tale

Posted: July 9, 2012 in manliness
I’d like to introduce you to an extraordinary young boy I’ve had the pleasure to meet over the last year. But I will allow his mother to tell his story as only she can.

Aidan William Conway was born a healthy full term baby on November 8, 2008. He was a good baby, slept in his own bed early on. I noticed he hit those first milestones a little later than my other children but I just kept a close eye on it. When we went to his 12 month check up I expressed my concern for his delays, which had now started falling even further behind. The pediatrician brushed it off and said it was because he was a third child. I gave it a month and decided to call the Tennessee early intervention services. They sent someone out to our house to give Aidan an evaluation. They agreed Aidan was definitely behind and said it would only get worse if left alone.

   We immediately started Speech therapy, physical therapy and, occupational therapy. I then took Aidan to a developmental pediatrician for an evaluation. We were sure Aidan had Autism. He would bang his head, scream, not look people in the eyes, etc. She evaluated Aidan and agreed he had Autism. It took a week before this hit me. When it hit, it hit hard, my baby has Autism. I felt so sorry for him and so helpless.
    The Developmental Pediatrician advised me to take Aidan to a Neurologist. I chose one that specialized in Autism so he could get the best care. The Neurologist ordered an MRI so she could see his brain before we ever met with her. We received the MRI results from Le Bonheur. It said the brain had typical findings of Neurofibromatosis. Talk about being shocked. What is this? Why am I just finding out about it? We then met with the Neurologist. She informed us he would most likely start having seizures. She also told us with Neurofibromatosis his body didn’t have the ability to block tumors from growing like most. We went home with heavy hearts that day.
     Less than a month after this appointment Aidan started having early morning vomiting and his words, the few he had, got all jumbled. His balance went from bad to worse. I took him to the emergency department at Le Bonheur on the third day of this. The staff checked him out and sent us on our way saying it was just a stomach virus. I disagreed but what could I do. It continued and three days later I took him back to the emergency department. This time I called his Neurologist before going. When I arrived I told the staff this was not a stomach virus and I wasnt taking my baby anywhere until they figured out what it was. They ordered every test you could think of. The spinal tap was clear, blood results were good, so we were waiting on the MRI.
  The doctor came into our room on the neuro floor the next night after 6:00pm. It was just me and Aidan. She told me my baby had a very aggressive tumor on his brain stem and that we would be sent to St. Jude immediately to start high dose radiation and chemo in hopes that we would get more time with Aidan. I was devastated. We buried a baby in December of 2005 and I was not ready to give up another baby. Our life with Aidan had just begun. We stayed in Le Bonheur for three more days while St. Jude went over Aidan’s scans. Our neurologist came back on Thursday and told us I am so very sorry our radiologists made a mistake. They spot on Aidan’s brain stem is not a tumor it is a cafe au lait spot. I didn’t care that there was a mistake made. I was just ready to go home and spend every minute with my children. We got a second chance! We stayed another couple days for evaluation. Aidan was slowly getting better and the doctors had no idea what happened. This happened again twice in October and December. The doctors still couldn’t tell us what it was. When I went home, I said I never wanted this to happen to another family if I could help it. I called Neurofibromatosis Inc. that following Monday morning. I started the first ever walk in Tennessee through Neurofibromatosis Inc.  I also did everything I could to learn more about Neurofibromatosis. Our first year we raised $7,500! I met some amazing people who understood everything we were going through. We are coming up on our third annual walk.
     Aidan started walking two weeks before his 2nd birthday. We were so so excited. We were told he may never walk, that we would just have to wait and see. He showed them!
   Everything had seemed to be getting better. I said earlier he had another one of those episodes in December of 2010. It was on December 27, 2010 just two days after Christmas. I don’t think I will ever forget that date. We went to Le Bonheur. They knew what to do this time and immediately ordered an MRI. We were sent home and our Neurologist made us an appointment to come to her office on December 29. I told John it would probably be nothing so I could go by myself and he could just let the other two kids play with their new toys. Boy was I wrong. Our Neurologist had me sit down and said we have found a tumor on Aidan’s right optic nerve. She didn’t want me to worry but she was sending us to St. Jude for “evaluation”.
       St. Jude called about a week later with Aidan’s first appointment. That was the longest week of my life. I walked the floors and every time the phone rang I about peed my pants. We went in, scared to death. I now know from experience you can spot the new families because they have this terrified look on there faces, that was us. They ran all kinds of tests on Aidan. They did another MRI because their machines see more than others. A couple days later we then sat down with Aidan’s new doctors, Dr. Qaddoumi and Dr. Cook.
    Dr. Qaddoumi specializes in Neurofibromatosis and the tumors that come along with it. He sat us down too. You always know somethings wrong when they have you sit down. He said I’m sorry but your son has Cancer. I can not explain to you the feeling I had after those words. I had been shot through the heart. He said he not only has a tumor on his right optic nerve but on his left optic nerve also. He said the cancer he has is Pilocytic Astrocytoma. He went on to tell us Aidan has a 50/50 chance of completely losing his vision. He also stated that Aidan will need chemo on and off his entire life.
    I went around for six months feeling numb. I just thought everything we had gone through before was terrifying. Aidan had a couple of those episodes I talked about earlier, after going to St. Jude. He was finally diagnosed as having Absence seizures.
When I was younger I used to always think St. Jude was this place where little kids went to die but I can’t tell you how far I was from the truth. St. Jude is a place of Hope and Love. We have met some of the most amazing people along our journey. Our journey is no where near being over but Aidan is the strongest three year old I have ever known. He can always find a reason to smile no matter what is going on. In December of 2011 he caught a stomach virus. We were at St. Jude 12 hours later. He was in Kidney failure, septic shock, his oxygen, blood pressure, and heart rate were all critically low. When we got there they called for the crash-cart and the team. In two minutes he was hooked up to all kinds of machines and in ICU. His little body looked lifeless. The doctors were even crying and said if we had been two hours later he would no longer be with us. He slowly got better over the next week. He went home on Christmas Eve. We were so excited to have our family together again just in time for Christmas. He had a bag of fluids connected to him at all times for the next three weeks. We have to watch his kidneys from now on.
    Since we have been at St. Jude and on chemo Aidan’s tumors havent grown any but have had times where there was blood flow to them. He has a new tumor in his spinal cord that no one has been able to explain yet. He also has a tumor called a Neurofibroma on his back that has more than doubled in size over the past year. We cherish everyday, every moment we have with our children.

Hartsfield-Depravity Int’l

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2011-07-06 07.04.03

I arrive in Atlanta, GA at approximately 0715 EST via Hartsfield-Jackson International and am famished as I neglected to eat breakfast prior to my 0600 departure from Daytona. The hunger pangs had started kicking immediately after take-off, as we glided 800 feet above Daytona International Speedway. Luckily the short flight was just that, short and uneventful aside from friendly banter with the North Carolina woman seated next to me. Upon arriving at Hartsfield for the first time ever I was taken aback by the sheer scale of this airport. I stopped at not 2 but three different electronics stores in hope of finding some replacement headphones, since I apparently damaged my Skull Candy buds over the weekend and now only have sound in the left bud, but was unlucky in my efforts. I finally made my way from Concourse B to Concourse A in just under 30 minutes, and found something that seemed promising, The Heineken Bar & Grill.

2011-07-06 07.34.51

However, I failed to note the small print, “Smoking Lounge”. There are few things more depraved than watching sweaty overweight people anxiously dash into an establishment immediately igniting their cigarettes and sucking them down like so many pints to a ginger on St. Patrick’s day. I am quickly faced with the alarming news that this bar doesn’t take into account Bird Law and they don’t serve alcohol until 0900. Since my layover has me here until 1030, I figured fuck it, I’ll deal with the smoke and lack of booze because I am starving. I decided on the “American Breakfast”, which consists of “two fluffy scrambled (prison) eggs, (floppy, thin) bacon or sausage, (delicious) toast, and breakfast potatoes (with the consistency of a wet rag).” 

Now As I sit here with Gregorio Allegri in my ears ear, I am forced to only semi-enjoy my food whilst staring around the room at the cornucopia of random, black lunged airport warriors from unknown origins sneaking in a quick stogie in between flights to unknown destinations, all while NOT having a drink. One couple (say late 40s) dashed into the bar, the husband dripping with sweat in long sleeves and jeans, eyes filled with  . . . OOOH I’ve happened upon some Tabasco sauce. Be prepared to be improved, prison eggs . . . I digress. Eyes filled with what can only be described as a cancerous lust for that sweet nicotine, mouth filled with three (3) cigarettes and the wife frantically rummaging through her luggage for a cigarette lighter. They smoke one each, share the third, knock back a glass of tea and hoof it without much more than a few words to the waitress. My only solace from these fucking people is the view of the taxing aircraft and the many worker bees milling around below.

2011-07-06 07.39.31

I never thought I would say this, but I am just ready to be back in Memphis. At least I know the assholes there.


P.S. This is some faggoty assed bacon.

2011-07-06 08.17.24

Since you people all suck at being good people (made painfully apparent because you read ignorant rants about inconsequential and borderline retarded content written by my worthless, self-absorbed ass) and are probably so shallow and angry at everyone around you, for sucking so damn bad in comparison to yourself, that you rarely take time to think about the people who are way more bad ass than you are. Like those who fight for their lives and the lives of others every day at cancer hospitals like St. Jude. It’s rare that I speak of anything of importance to you miserable fucking lowlifes but I figured, “Hey, lowlifes like hats and even shitbirds like my friends and readers probably hate cancer as much as Kenny Powers.” A friend of mine has set up a website that sells hats and benefits Pancreatic Cancer Research (PCR). accepts donations for PCR and donates a hefty 20% of all proceeds to the cause. If that wasn’t enough for you black-hearted, cheap ass to buy a hat then check out the about us section of his page: was inspired by the passing of a great man.  My dad, Larry Turner, lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on December 24, 2007.  He was only 49 years old.  This company is designed to raise money for the treatment and early detection of pancreatic cancer as well as provide free hats for cancer treatment patients.  Our mission is to raise as much money possible and schedule an acoustic concert for a different in-patient cancer facility every 8 months. 100 percent of all donations and 20 percent of all proceeds will be donated to these organizations.  Every five hats sold will generate one free hat for a hero battling cancer.   We hope you enjoy our products and service.  Thank you for your business and support.

So get over to Hero Hats today and check out the selection. If you see a hat you like buy it. If you don’t throw a bit of coin their way anyway because you know you were just going to waste it on hookers, booze, and crystal meth you dirt bags.

You have fought thirty-six times in four countries in just over ten years. You have held championship titles in three organizations, never having a belt taken from you in the ring. You spent years at the pinnacle of your sport by fighting some of the very best to ever compete, while they were in their prime, and you beat them all. You tasted defeat early and spat it back out, refusing to drink from the cup again for nine years, six months and 4 days. Millions upon millions the world over have endeared themselves to you. You lit up the faces of children all across Russia when you carried the Olympic torch. You raised the pulses of everyone who laid eyes on you in the ring, rather they be an opponent or spectator. You are the G OAT and no one has a bad word to say when asked,

“What do you think of Fedor Emelianenko?”



Humble, fearless, focused, loving, spiritual, respectful, the GREATEST, these are the words associated with the Fedor Emelianenko. Fedor has always been a quiet, calm man who never pined for the big life. He had no interest in moving to America or Japan or England, Fedor just wanted to be with his friends and family and he wanted to support them. Fedor wanted to push himself to be better at all things and he found in martial arts what he did best. From Sambo to MMA, “the Last Emperor” rose from just another Russian citizen to the most revered man in the world of combat sports. His fan base spans the globe. Fedor has talent, drive, focus, and toughness but most importantly he had mystique. He was so quiet and humble you could never figure out what was he was thinking. If you got one of the rare opportunities to ask him, his answers were either too cryptic or perhaps just too simple and honest for you to discern any real information. Fedor wasn’t going to bad mouth his opponent to try to get inside the other man’s head to gain some advantage. Or did he do it another way? Was his quiet, reserved demeanor and almost inhuman calmness just a clever ruse to make people uneasy? No one can know but Fedor. We know it wasn’t the look of him that did it.

The undersized, Russian heavyweight was short, balding, and pudgy, not exactly wielding the average fighter’s physique. It didn’t stop him from quickly reaching stardom when he began to fight in Japan. Fedor was to be tested there; gone was the level of competition in RINGS, now he would be fighting in Pride. At the time Pride was the biggest name in the sport and as such had many of the best fighters in the world fighting in their events. Fedor would never lose a single match in Pride, defeating fellow legends of the sport like Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Kazuyuki Fujita, Gary Goodridge, Kevin Randleman, Mirko “Cro Cop”, and Mark Coleman all in their primes. He didn’t always win with flash or superior skills. In fact some victories just seemed to be a battle of wills. Nothing epitomized this more than Emelianenko’s fights with Nogueira. He would take a beating if he had to but you could not break his will. Someone’s will had to break and you could be certain it would not be his. In his time in Japan he reigned as the heavyweight king of the world for three and a half years. It wasn’t just what Fedor did that made him the greatest, it was how he did it.

He wasn’t bigger and stronger than everyone. He wasn’t the greatest tactician to ever strap on 4 oz. gloves. He wasn’t the most prolific wrestler the world had ever seen. He wasn’t even the most technical striker to step into the ring. He was, however, as tough as they come. Fedor Emelianenko had a heart the size of Russia and a chin chiseled from quartz mined in the Ural Mountains, fists harder that could drive a coffin nail, and a will that would not be broken. Fedor lost a fight early in his career, his 5th fight, on a technicality. He was cut and if you’re cut you lose. It was nearly a decade before Fedor tasted defeat again. When Fedor walked into the arena in San Jose, CA no one in the world expected Fedor to lose. When Fedor found himself trapped in the guard of Werdum it looked like so many of his previous wars, all of which he has won. Even when you saw the leg come up and over to secure the triangle choke you just knew he was going to step into it and pull out, like he did against Nogueira so many times but . . . he didn’t. When his hand tapped in submission for the first time in his professional life the world sat, stunned. Everyone watching went silent. This was a fluke and it would never happen again, right?

That “fluke” took place in June of 2010 and The Emperor didn’t fight again until February of 2011. His first fight coming off of a loss in over a decade was the main event in the quarterfinal round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. He was a 5 to 1 favorite and was all but scheduled to fight Alistair Overeem, a highly regarded Heavyweight and the Strikeforce Champion, or get a rematch with the only man to truly defeat him, Fabricio Werdum. Everything was set up beautifully for maximum drama. Once Fedor defeated Silva and moved into the next round the world would be guaranteed a bout of epic anticipation that would reverberate throughout the world rankings.

As usual on February 12th, 2011 the smaller, older Emelianenko stepped into the ring as a heavy favorite, this time over the giant Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. Fedor’s face locked in the same expressionless, determined gaze. The bell sounds. The fighters begin to circle and exchange blows. Silva moves about smoothly, towering over Emelianenko but, undeterred, Fedor charges in with punches landing some heavy shots and eating a few for his trouble. They engage one another in a clinch against the cage, Silva pressing on Fedor trying to tire him out. They are reset to the center of the ring and it begins again. Fedor striking . . . the fight going from standing to the clinch and eventually to the ground . . . twenty seconds . . . a flurry from both men . . . a right, a left, a right. Swinging wildly and connecting repeatedly are both fighters. DING DING! A close round, much closer than anyone expected. Fedor’s trainers speak to him in Russian, Silva’s in Portuguese. The bell sounds again. Fedor moves forward toward the center of the cage, unloading a huge overhand right and is met by the powerful, lowered shoulder of Silva. The GOAT on his back and cannot shake the bigger man from his perch. He begins to eat punishing blow after blow to the head but he defends himself and continues to try escaping his predicament. Emelianenko rolls over in an attempt to sneak out the back and the humongous BJJ black belt has the Emperor right where he wants him, but he can’t submit him. Fedor’s will shall not be broken again. He survives the rear naked choke attempt and he is again under Silva taking punishment. Another rear escape attempt and Silva tries again to choke him out. For nearly 5 minutes straight Fedor is being smothered, squeezed, choked, and pounded on by a 280 pound man whom has every intention of finishing this fight without the judges’ input. All this punishment, yet he’s still there, still fighting . . . twenty-five seconds . . . Silva has Fedor in a knee bar, but Fedor still has the capacity to reverse into a leg lock attack of his own . . . 10 seconds . . . both men attacking the other’s leg. DING DING! As Fedor rises to his feet you can’t help but notice that his right eye is completely swollen shut from the abuse but his expression is the same. His will has not been broken and he is prepared to go into the third and final round to finish this fight.

The referee and doctors call a stop to the fight. A good decision as Fedor was completely blind in his right eye due to the immense swelling. The facial expression now changes. I know that look, that’s sadness. He knows what we’re all about to hear but all hope we aren’t. This may very well be the last time we ever see him in the cage. If we never see Fedor Emelianenko fight again, we can all be proud to say we’ve seen the greatest and that we’re just fine with that.

You, Fedor Emelianenko, were the greatest heavyweight of all time, without a doubt.  Millions would say the greatest to ever step in the ring. For a decade you captivated millions and reigned atop the sport as a valiant, humble, deserving champion. In the end you went out the way a warrior should, in a blaze of glory. You took more punishment than any man should ever be able to take in a fight and you took it from a man 50 pounds larger than you and smiled, ready to go in for more. You owe us nothing, and we all owe you the immense respect you have given every opponent that you have faced. You are the GOAT. You are Fedor Emelianenko.


Don’t sleep on Jake Shields (26-4-1). You can bet your ass GSP (21-2) is not. He is up at Tristar right now working his dick off (Do robot aliens have dicks?). Shields has 4 titles to his credit and his resume is littered with former and current champions that have fallen to him.

Jake-Shields pierre006

Quick rundown of some of Jake Shields’ marquee wins on his resume.

  • UD over Japanese legend “Mach” Sakurai (35-12-2) in ’02
  • MD over UFC’s current “#1 MW Contender” Yushin Okami (26-5) in ’06
  • UD over Carlos Condit (26-5) same night as the Okami fight.
  • Subbed Mike Pyle (20-7-1) in ’07
  • Subbed Paul Daley (26-9-2) in ’08
  • Subbed Robbie Lawler (18-7[1]) in ’09
  • UD over current Dream MW champ Jason Miller (24-7[1]) in ’09
  • UD over former PRIDE MW (205lb) Champ and current SF LHW #1 contender Dan Henderson (26-8) last year.

Not that GSP’s  record needs pointing out but here are a few of his.

  • UD over Karo Parisyan (19-6[1]) in ’04
  • UD over Jason Miller (24-7[1]) in ’05
  • Subbed Frank Trigg (20-8) in ’05
  • TKOd Sean Sherk in (36-4-1) ’05
  • SD over BJ Penn (16-7-1) in ’06T
  • KOd Matt Hughes (45-8) in ’06 [avenging his first loss]
  • UD over Josh Koscheck (15-5) in ’07
  • Subbed Matt Hughes in ’07 for interim UFC WW belt [closing the trilogy]
  • TKOd then UFC WW Champ Matt Serra (11-7) in ’08 [avenging only other loss]

Since the Serra fight, when he regained the title, GSP has successfully defended it 5 times against Jon Fitch, BJ Penn, Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy, and Josh Koscheck with 4 of those 5 wins coming via UD. I mention this because between Shields and St. Pierre I expect to see either one of the most boring staring contests ever or one of the most (relatively) exciting chess matches ever and it  going to judges’ decision. I don’t see anyone out-pointing GSP but don’t sleep on Shields.

If Georges does indeed go on to defeat Shields, he is supposedly set to make a permanent move to the Middleweight division where a “super fight” between himself and current MW Champ and fellow P4P constant Anderson Silva. GSP has many times stated that if he makes the move up in weight class it will be permanent and only when he feels there is nothing left for him at Welterweight.  Having already defeated all of the top competition (BJ Penn, John Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Dan Hardy, etc.) in the division at least once and many of them multiple times, beating Shields seems like the last thing to do before setting sail for the new world. Shields plans to wipe his ass with GSP and D-Dubya’s plans and force St. Pierre to hang out at Welterweight just a bit longer. Current #1 contender Yushin Okami, the last man to “defeat” Anderson Silva, is likely rooting very hard for Shields to pull off the upset as a GSP win would most certainly wreck his title shot. So in a fight with title implications in two divisions, directly affecting no less than 6 fighters’ future fight plans, there is certainly a lot on the line. Jake Shields just might shake the world with a win but Vegas, the MMA community, and history all say that the Canadian Alien will do his regular thing  and pull off another win over a quality opponent. I’m sure Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, Jon Fitch,  and many many fans are rooting for a GSP victory. I’m also certain that Jake Shields’ friends in the “Scrap Pack” and the 209 and a few upset loving fans are probably the only people, aside from Yushin Okami and Jake himself, rooting for the Belt Collector to add more hardware to his trophy case. Fight Companion
Strikeforce – Fedor vs. Silva


Fight My Pick My Wager
– VS – Fedor Emelianenko

Fight ends in round 2


Antonio “Big Foot” Silva
Fedor Emelianenko
– VS – Sergei Kharitonov

Fight ends in round 1


Andrei “Pitbull” Arlovski Sergei Kharitonov
– VS – Ray Sefo

Judge’s decision

Unanimous/majority decision

Valentin Overeem Ray “Sugarfoot” Sefo
– VS – Shane Del Rosario

Fight ends in round 1


Lavar “BIG” Johnson Shane Del Rosario
– VS – Chad Griggs

Fight ends in round 2


Chad “The Gravedigger” Griggs Gian Villante
– VS – John Cholish

Fight ends in round 1

Submission / Tapout

John Cholish Marc Stevens
– VS – John Salgado

Judge’s decision

Unanimous/majority decision

John “Greco” Salgado
Igor Gracie